Chapter 1190


Norton Yates wetted his lips with his tongue as his gaze landed on Mandy Zimmer’s slim waistline.

For him, Mandy Zimmer, who stood before him, was a dish.

A delicious, mouth-watering dish.

He’d get more excited if he started from her waist.

Norton became so excited that he almost growled, imagining how Mandy would be twitching on the ground wailing in pain.

Looking at Norton’s twisted expression, Mandy closed her eyes hopelessly.

She didn’t think that anyone would be able to save her at the moment like this.


However, at this crucial moment.

Someone suddenly kicked off the entrance to the Yates’ family home.

The giant door was smashed to the ground and made a loud bang.

Everyone at the scene couldn’t help but turn over toward the direction of the sound.

Everyone from the Yates family shuddered. After all, they were traumatized.

Norton, on the other hand, knitted his brows together. Someone interrupted him just as he’s about to enjoy something. This obviously m
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