Chapter 1196

At this moment, Ben Yates put down the phone in his hand. His complexion worsened. He said, “Grandmother, I just got a message…

“It is said that Norton Yates is the biological son of Third Master Yates!”


Everyone from the Yates family gotten furious after hearing this!

Grandma Yates even wanted to slap Ben silly.

“Why are you only telling us about such an important fact right now?”

Originally, Norton could have been rescued. However, the Yates family used methods to turn him into vegetative state to force Third Master Yates to come to Buckwood the first time.

However, no one knew that Norton was actually Third Master Yates’s son all along!

A biological son was different from that of an outsider.

If Third Master Yates wanted to find out how Norton became comatose, then the Yates family in Buckwood would be dead as long as they investigated the matter.

Grandma Yates was walking around in the hospital at this moment. In the end, there was no other alternative but to see
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