Chapter 1199

From now on, Buckwood would be the Yates family’s town!

After all, the Yorks, the Robbins family, the Surrey family, the Cloude family, and the Silva family had fallen.

Only the Naiswells and Sky Corporation from Buckwood could present as a rival.

The Naiswells mainly sold antiques. They did not dabble much in the business world, so there was no need to fear them.

Could Sky Corporation be Third Master Yates’s opponent?

It was not difficult to solve him!

At that time, the Yates family from Buckwood could take over and become the only wealthy family in Buckwood!

All of a sudden, Grandma Yates and others had begun to picture the magnificent blueprints in their minds!


At the same time.

Butler Yates quickly made their way to the Buckwood Airport with a dozen people in white suits.

Meanwhile, Harvey York personally sent Senior Oskar Armstrong to the airport.

This was because Senior Oskar Armstrong loved to ride in vans. Harvey had no choice but to find one for him.

As for th
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