Chapter 1271

Naturally, Mandy Zimmer knew full well that there would be no need to talk business if she changed her mind.

Charlie Gibbs and the others let out a broad smile as if they had won.

Everything was according to their plan. They felt delighted.

That night, they would film a movie starring Mandy herself!

As for Harvey York, the idiot, they would just spare him a few dollars when everything would be said and done.

At that moment, Harvey walked up and then looked at Charlie with a sarcastic expression.

“I only have one condition. You’d have to outdrink me before you can have a turn with CEO Zimmer!

“If not, you have no right to drink with her!”

“Alright then! Let’s have at it!”

Charlie and the others could not wait any longer.

Harvey was only one man, so what if he could drink a thousand glasses?

They had ten men!

“Right! Since we’re drinking, other miscellaneous people cannot be here. We wouldn’t want anybody else drinking for each other now!”

Charlie glanced at the higher-ups a
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