Chapter 1278

The next day.

Mandy Zimmer entered the enterprise with dark circles around her eyes.

Before she could even reach her office, Todd Jean had already entered with his group of bodyguards.

None of the security guards in the enterprise dared going near him when they saw those bodyguards, armed to the teeth with guns slung on their waists.

With guns in the equation, they could die any second, right…?

Who would have the courage to stand against such people?

The authorities of Regency Enterprise were ready to kneel before Todd and his ilk. Presumably, they had communicated last night and came to an agreement.

“I wonder if you’ve given a thought about my offer, CEO Zimmer?”

Todd sat onto the sofa, his leg over perched on the other as he sized Mandy up.

Mandy’s face was ice. “Alright. Even if I’m prepared to sell Regency Enterprise to you, don’t you think you should show some manners?”

Todd was slightly taken aback; he didn’t expect Mandy to agree.

He snickered. “Great! Seeing how r
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Philip Ebube Miracle
this Mandy is really the foolish time and the writer is a fool
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Ruth Anne Cantidat
Another day with the same disappointing results. As a writer and author you suck.

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