Chapter 1334

Fourth Master Yates coldly looked at the sight, then calmly said, “Continue the funeral, send my son away!”

“First bow!”

“Second bow!”

“Third bow!”

“Greet the family!”


Countless people were handing over bouquets in an orderly fashion at this moment. A sight like this was utterly shocking.

Burials of kings in the past might not even have the right to do so.

“Fourth Master, should we commence with the burial?” Leyton Luv asked quietly.

“There’s no need to rush. I want every single higher-up in Sky Corporation to carry the coffins!

“I want Prince York and Harvey York buried under the coffin too!

“Now go. Since somebody wants to play, we’ll play with them!

“Get to Sky Corporation!

“Catch Prince York alive!”

The fifteen thousand people present were roaring furiously, all of them boiling in anger.

All of Buckwood’s celebrities gave a phone call after seeing the sight, asking their family to close shop and their families to stay home.

Fourth Master Yates was ready to form
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