Chapter 1370

Ashley Judd was sizing up Harvey York, especially after looking at his ordinary clothes and the old watch in his hand. She then said coldly, “Call all of the security guards and inform them that someone is creating trouble here!”

“This will be their bonus. Ask them to seize their chances!”

Ashley coldly led a group of people to the front of Harvey and looked down at Harvey condescendingly.

Especially when she saw the security uniforms worn by Marcus, her look was even more derisive.

In Ashley’s opinion, security guards were at the lowest level of society. Those who got along with them were also inferior in every way.

In Ashley’s eyes, those injured inspectors were just like a group of young gangsters who got into a fight due to the casual clothes that all of them were wearing. With her status as the director of the hospital, how would she even look at them?

Meanwhile, Ashley looked at Harvey and Marcus coldly. She said, “If you say that we’re not skillful and have poor efficiency
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