CHAPTER THREE ‘Received award’

Today was Friday which meant: less work, more fun!

“Miss Ola, congratulations on the award you and your mom received yesterday I knew you both could do it!” Michael, one of my colleagues said immediately I stepped into the company.

I passed by Michael with him hotly on my trail, “It's our award, we all worked for it and got it but you know you guys had to cover for us and attend those meetings that's why we couldn't bring you guys along” I say and he shrugged, uncaringly.

“Don't stress yourself honey, as long as I keep getting my bonuses I'm good” he said and I laughed. I totally understood his point though.

“I'll see you later” I said after getting some warm water. 

Micheal seemed confused, “Wait where are you going?" He asked and I gave him a look.

“My office, to work, as usual” I uttered dryly.

“Did your mom not tell you?” He asked, somewhat amazed.

I glanced at him over my shoulders and shook my head. 

“We're having a party tonight!” He exclaimed and I nodded.

“I know that and doesn't stop me from doing my work so-”

“-It kinda does because I've done all of today's work for you, the only thing needed to be documented is your signature, your mom's and Harry Dickson” he cut me off and I couldn't help but run into Micheal and hug him tightly. He was such a darling for helping. That means.. I could see Jadesola today and even invite her to the party!

Jadesola was the only person I considered a friend. We met at college and since then we became pretty close until we because busy with our lives. I tried to engage Jade more but ever since she got into an accident that affected her hearing she became closed off to the whole world.

Well, there were ways Jade could regain her hearing but she was too scared because it would require surgery and she had never done a surgery in her life. So she just lived, alone, sad and sturbbonly depressed.

I pulled away from the hug and told Michael I would see him later. I got into my car and drove straight to Jade's house. I pulled into the driveway and texted Jade.

'Are you at home Jade? I want to talk to you'

Almost immediately I got a response.

'I know you're here, come on in. The door isn't locked'

I smiled at that and got off my car before jogging to her house. I opened the door to her apartment and got in before slamming the door shut.

I immediately noticed some changes in Jade's house. She changed her furnitures and moved a few things like the vase, her portrait-

My phone unexpectedly rang, interupting me from staring around Jade's apartment. I looked at the screen and answered it when I saw the phone call was from mom.

lue or green?" She asked and I was instantly confused.


"-Just answer!" She cut me off.

"Erm.. Green?"

Immediately I said that she cut the call. Well that was weird.

I move further into the house searching for Jade. Then I perceived the delicious aroma of buns and coffee coming from the kitchen.

Immediately I went there I was greeted by a cute looking Jade putting buns on a plate.

"Jade!" I squealed hugging her from behind but she wasn't even startled. She pushed me away from her and turned around to face me then hugged me properly.

I laughed at her reaction before we pulled away shortly.

She looked at me funny before asking with her hands.

'Why are you here?'

Then she points at her wrist.

Oh! Why am I here so early in the morning?

I wasn't really good at sign language so I quickly went to message on my phone and typed.

'I didn't have much to do at the office today so I decided to pay you a visit and also invite you to a party to celebrate the success of my company'

She nods in excitement.

"I-i s-sa-ww on tv" she tried talking but stopped because she couldn't hear what she was saying and wasn't sure if she said the right thing.

I nod and quickly showed her photos of me and Mom receiving the award.

She looks at me sadly and points to her chest then the photo.

She wish she was there.

I invited her to come with me but she chickened out. I wasn't mad at her for that, it was a good thing because I was kind of busy that day I wouldn't want her to feel left out.

I hug her, telling her it's okay.

Then I went to the message app and wrote:

'As long as you attend this party'

She nods vigorously at that.

But points at her chest, dress and shakes her head no.

She doesn't have anything to wear.

"I'll get you a dress!" I say typing that before showing her. She smiles gleefully.

Then she hand me a plate of buns and and cup of coffee before shooing me to the living room.

I sat on one of the comfortable couches and turned on the TV.

Jade soon joined me and I ate my buns. It was good! Another reason why I like Jade? She's a good cook!

Jade hand me a book and pen before grabbing my phone from me and plugging it in. Thanks Jade!

'I miss my boyfriend!' Jade wrote in her own book and showed me.

'Well you blocked him on your social media accounts, you blocked all of his phone numbers, you even told the estate security not to let him that he's a thief. You almost ruined his reputation and now you're telling me you miss him!'

I wrote and she looked at me sadly before scribbling something down. This girl is insane!

'Well he did stole my heart'

I laughed at the clichèness of what she wrote.

'You're losing him Jade, he's now hanging out with a cool chicka' I wrote and she gasped in horror before scribbling something down in anger.


'Someone taller, prettier, less boring and rich'

She looked heartbroken for real. She got up and started pacing up and down in anger. I ignored her and ate the remains of my buns and hers. I drank both my coffee and hers before removing my shoes and relaxing on the couch.

I finally got tired of her pacing about so I grabbed her book and wrote.


Then I grabbed both her shoulders to stop her from pacing about and showed her what I wrote.

She took the book from me and wrote.

'I can't. It's been six months, he's moved on and doesn't want me anymore. To top it all I am deaf! I can't hear a thing, not even my own snore!!!'

I groaned in annoyance and wrote.

'You wouldn't know unless you talk to him! And yes you're deaf because you don't want to be operated on'

'The doctor said it's a 50% chance I'll be able to hear again, I don't want them to put those needles in my beautiful ears and make the situation worse' she wrote looking at me in dismay.

'At least try!' I wrote but she shook her head.

'The doctor said if you don't do it soon you'll have no chance of regaining your hearing again!'

'I'll think about it then' she finally gives in.

'Good I'll tell your parents this is where you've been hiding for the past six months, you need all the support you can get before, during and after the surgery'

'At least give me a week' she wrote.

'Three days' I wrote giving her a serious look and she slowly nods.

'Can I see the girl James is hanging out with now?'

'No you'll only end up crying' I said seriously before writing it on a fresh page.

My phone started ringing so I drop the book on Jade's lap and unplugged my phone from where Jade was charging it. Mom was the one calling.

"I got you a green dress for the party tonight, it's at home. I'll meet you at the party I have to meet someone" she said.

Ohh so that's why she asked, blue or green?

Mom should know by now that I only like White. Dang it!

"Mom.. could you get Jadesola a dress as well? She's coming to the party!" I asked. Mom likes Jade because she's fashionable and can cook.

"Sure! At least she's getting out of her shell now. Ask her if she wants Gold or Silver?"


"-Don't be jealous now and ask!" She cut me off.

I sighed and wrote that before showing Jade and she points at Gold, still confused.

"Gold" I say lazily.

"So I have three options for her, I'll send the pictures to you right away so you can show her" she cuts the call afterwards.

Mom didn't even give me any options for the green dress.

My phone vibrates thrice signaling I had three messages.

I gasp when I saw the gold dresses. They were all beautiful and obviously expensive, they even came with a black and gold purse. Wow..

I hand Jade the phone and she jumped up in excitement and points to herself.

Meaning, For me?

'Choose one' I scribbled already tired of writing. My hands hurt already.

Jade choose the shortest but prettiest which had a lace around the neck.

I told Mom about it while Jade texted mom with her phone thanking her for the dress and purse.

I then remembered my plan with Daniel's mom. I had to break Daniel's relationship. But first I had to find a way to enter his life.

I remember Sade Johnson text message to me yesterday.

'Daniel likes going to 'The pineapple beach' right after Suzy's pizza place. No. 24, Villa's street. He's attracted to vulnerable girls'

But what time does he usually go there?

I quickly scribbled 'I have to go somewhere now, I'll come back with the dress and purse and you better fix your hair and makeup before I get back' I showed her and she quickly wrote.

'You don't have anything important to do at the office so where are you going?'

"Bye bye" I mouthed slipping on my flats, grabbing my purse, giving her a pat on the shoulder before rushing out.

I got into my car and drove to the address but it seems the road was too narrow for cars to go through so I pulled over in Suzy's pizza place and slip my phone in my pocket. I had to be careful so as not to attract paparazzi.

I walk through the almost quiet place. The beach should be up ahead.

I ran my hand through my hair and smiled. I can do this.

I walked up straight ahead I was awed. This was a private property. I could get arrested for intruding.









off' my subconscious reminded me.

Sometimes I forget who I am exactly, like now.

I couldn't do this to Lola just because of what our Dad did, and most importantly I'm not someone who would want to break a guy's heart for fun because my boyfriend- I mean Phillip broke my heart.

I suddenly remembered how my dad cheated mom and I, and how Phillip cheated on me with those sluts and instantly I forgot about being nice.

They'll get what they deserve.

Suddenly I was no longer walking on granite but on sand. Beach sand. I noticed a small building by the other side. It looked artistic. I loved it!

I should get a property just like this one! A beautiful beach just like this one which a house where I can chill during the holidays.

I kicked off my shoes and moved closer to the waters. It was beautiful. I had to take a picture.

I take my phone out of my pocket and take a picture of the waves.

Then some pictures of me.

By then I snapped back into reality, the plan is to get Daniel not have fun. He's supposed to be here.

I hear my phone buzz signaling I had a text. I already knew who it was. Jade.

'Hey I'm at your house because I couldn't wait to see the golden dress. Come quickly so you can see how good I look'

Wow. She's at my house! She hasn't been since she got deaf. She's definitely back!

I have to get acquainted with Daniel but he's not here.

I quickly dialed Sade Johnson's phone number but the line was busy. Dang it!

I tried again but it wasn't reachable.

I guess I would just go home then, I had a party to prepare for anyways. It was almost 4pm already.

I turned to leave but suddenly I tripped and fell on a pebble hurting my toes in the process. I could've sworn it wasn't there before. Suddenly two legs blinded my vision. I quickly got off the ground and dusted off my butt.

It was the guy I was waiting for.

“Hi I'm Ola, Ola Smith” I introduced myself while stretching out my hand for him to shake.

“I know. You're pretty popular around here” he said with irritation in his tone before continuing “What bothers me is why you're on my property” he said going straight to the point.

I pulled my hands back and sighed.

Oh he was not an easy one. I chuckled internally at the realization and lifted my chin up. 

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