On monday morning, I headed to the company. I hurriedly did the work I could because I had a photoshoot at Adanna beach 12pm and I didn't want to be late so when it was 11:30am, I left.

Thank God I already wore the bikini beneath my clothes. Otherwise I would have to strip completely there and it would get uncomfortable real quick.

I got a text from the driver. 

'I'm here for you'

It was part of the contract, for the driver to take me to the location for security purposes.

I headed downstairs and spotted the limousine waiting for me. A security guard immediately opened the passenger's seat for me once he spotted me.

I walked in majestically and thanked him as he closed the door carefully.

"Hi!" I say to the driver who only grunted as response. 

We arrived at the beach shortly after and I was immediately bombarded by m

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