‘Beautiful you remind me of the good memories when I could be myself without any fear of having flaws’

I smile as the first few lines of the poem Esther brought for me. I was extremely grateful to it because somehow it reminded me of old times with my mom. When we weren't popular and could be ourselves anywhere.

Somehow it reminded me of Romeo too, I was carefree with him maybe because of the wig on my head that made him not recognize me. I liked the fact that I didn't have to fake anything around him. He definitely brought out a better part of me.

I grabbed my diary and decided to write my thoughts.

I asked Esther to buy me a diary earlier today and she did without hesitation. She was a very kind hearted person and I was grateful to have met someone like her. I shouldn't have judged her wrongly when we first met at the beach. I was wrong to do that.

Your smile

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