"Ola what's up with you? Lola said you fucked her fiance, Daniel and because of that, he broke up with her" Stephanie says.

She and Esther decided to come to my house today to hurt my feelings.

"I didn't do any of that" I say and Esther started arguing with Stephanie.

"Ola wouldn't do that, stop accusing her of what she didn't do" Esther say.

"Why are you always on Ola's side? She's capable of doing anything-"

"-But that" Esther cut in and I was beginning to get worried they would fight because of me.

"Guys!" I yell getting their attention.

"Who's friends are you?"

"No offense but I think Lola, we've been friends before you came in the picture and I've seen what you can do on social media so I can't vouch for you" Stephanie says.

"Stephanie!" Esther says.


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