I woke up only to find myself on a couch. What happened?

I sat up and took in my environment. Romeo. I was at Romeo's.

Suddenly my thoughts brought me to what recently happened, i killed Lola and Theo brought me here and I passed out. I had to get out of here but first of all, my bladder was killing me and my throat was dry.

Getting up from the couch, I checked the time on the wall and froze. 3am!

How did I sleep that long?

Impatiently, I slipped off the bed and sighed. What to do?

What to do?

Do I take a run for it or ask politely for a place to pee and then leave? But where do I go? I had no one.

A little desperate to ease myself, I tip toed to one of the rooms in the passage. I opened the door slowly and saw that the room was empty, I closed it slowly and checked the room next to it. It was nicely made and there was a bed there. 

It was obvious someone slee

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