Two: What's the big deal?

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"Go, Bella! Go, Bella! Woohoo!" The stupid set of students behind me kept chanting my name while I kissed Brad, sucking every air out of him.

I held his face tightly when it seemed like he was trying to escape from my kiss. He wasn't going to ruin my dream when I had the chance to achieve it.

"You can stop kissing him now." The idiot who had dared me earlier yelled from behind but I ignored him and continued living my dream.

Brad's shocked expression changed to an intense frown which made fear pinch every inch of my vein.

I wasn't going to get intimidated by his anger. I had had a crush on Brad for quite a while now even though I had dated three boys during the period and had tons of them ready to have me.

Until I had sucked every fucking breath out of him, only then did I break the kiss, falling to the floor as we both panted heavily to catch our breath.

"What the fuck was that for?!" He spat silently like he was trying to prevent the others from hearing.

"It's called kissing, man." I smirked. Wow— Bella, so much boldness you've got, uhn?

Brad seemed extremely pissed off then he averted his gaze to the group of silent and shocked students behind us, some of them taking videos or pictures then it was obvious that he could tell it was a dare.

He groaned then pushed himself upward, wearing his jacket over him and furiously stormed out of sight.

Everywhere was dead silent as I went back to the students.

"Let the game continue." I screamed and that led to a round of loud exchange of words.


"It was damn crazy. You're fucking sick." Freya bursted out into laughter.

"I know." I smirked. I didn't know why but I felt pretty confident about kissing Brad that Friday night.

It was Monday morning, yet, everyone in 'Swiftshine High School' was still chattering about it indefinitely.

"I'm as sure as hell that I'd have puked my guts out if I were you. I mean, kissing Brad, he's so stupid." Freya said, wearing a look of disgust at her words while she peeled a banana.

"What? Are you even human? A female human?" I scoffed, shaking my head in disbelief. "I don't think there's any fucking female that doesn't like Brad." I rolled my eyes before quickly adding, "the one that her brain is still functioning properly.

"C'mon babe, that's pretty rude." She pretended to be angry which was funny to me.

"Hey!" Freya and I flinched when someone behind me called, slapping a tray of food on our table.

My head turned to stare at the tall figure behind us. I heaved a sigh of relief when it was a brunette around our age (I was 17, Freya was 18 years old) and definitely in our class. She had beautiful brown eyes and her curly hair was dyed in red.

For once, I thought it was going to be Brad. I had been having a feeling that he was going to pop out of nowhere and murdered me with a killing glare from those chestnut eyes of his.

"Hi, there." She waved then pulled the chair between Freya and me, plopping herself onto it.

"Hello?" Freya and I said simultaneously, confused at her disturbance.

"I'm Samantha Harsh, you can call me Sam for short. I'm new to this stupid school so I need fucking new people." She explained, digging into her meal. "I came here a week ago and was hanging out with two chickens I thought I could call friends but they're just so fucking naive and it's damn stupid, mostly when they giggle like chirping birds that are sadly being roasted alive." She snarled, taking a spoonful of her food.

Freya and I laughed at her.

"Yeah… I'm crazy." She smirked. "I heard what you did to the school's bad boy so I thought 'hey, she sounds cool'. Do you mind being friends?" She raised an eyebrow with her spoon hanging loosely in between her fingers.

"Yeah, sure." I blurted out. I liked her but I thought I needed Freya's permission and she also nodded positively.

"Great. First of all, I'm crazy." She said seriously, resuming to eating her food.

"Anyways, I'm Bella Thompson." I introduced with a grin.

"And, I'm Freya Hunter." Freya introduced as well.

"I know, the whole school's talking about you and how you refused to stop kissing the dude, Brad, even after they asked you to." She chuckled and I assumed that was the best happy sound that could ever come from her, judging from her gothic look.

"What?" I hid my face in embarrassment, groaning as I hit my feet against the floor in frustration. I knew I was so stupid to not have stop kissing Brad but I loved it.

I bet you're wondering why everyone was creating a big deal out of this, it was just a kiss. Guess what, no! Brad was a guy that preferred to be alone and didn't like drawing attention to himself. Rumours spread that he could murder you if you did anything to him that he didn't affirm of.

This kiss of a thing had gotten me more famous in Swiftshine High School than I already was. Not that I was complaining, I loved being the popular bitch I was but something still bugged me.

"I'm damn sure we'll make a super cool team." She rolled her eyes then drove her attention to Freya. "Hey chip, I hope we get along too." She chuckled once more. This lady was pretty cool.

"Sure. Anyone like Bella should automatically be a friend of mine." We all laughed even though it was actually not funny.

"Guess what?" Sam smirked once more, this time, a really suspecting one.


Sam didn't give us a reply but instead shifted her tray aside then climbed on the table after the chair. What the?

"Hey!" She started to scream at the tops of her lungs. "You've got a new bitch in this school so you better get your fucking asses used to it because she's now with Bella and Freya, the chip." She announced aloud and we both laughed at her.

She definitely drew the attention of a few people around us that stared at our table then she held my arm, yanking me up as well as Freya then made us stand on the table as well.

"We're damn friends!" She hollered again and we all laughed at how arrogantly she was yelling like calling for help from people to save her dying mother.

"We're definitely friends with this babe." Freya couldn't stop laughing and I nodded in affirmation.

She reminded me of my first day at this school where I broke a bathroom tap and made the water wet Adalyn's body because she was trying to bully a naive student then we got into a fight. I had a whole record of crazy things I've done in this school.


Freya, Samantha and I got along pretty and we were really alike in so many ways. Sam was really jovial and totally adorable when you got to know.

Freya had to attend her Music class while Samantha and I were supposed to attend our Art class which was the last class of the day but we ended up not doing that because Mrs Blinks, the Art teacher was going to be asleep, definitely positive at a time like this.

"So, what other cool stuff do you do?" Sam asked, taking a long suck of the juice in her juice box.

The school bell rang for the close of the day as students started getting out of their classes.

"I live with my uncle and Aunt, Jack and Lily so I have to work extra like dance, I dance, I work in a restaurant, I paint walls of buildings and papers as well as a part-time maid because shit, I hate being dependent on people. Not like I'm being mistreated by my Uncle or Aunt, I just want to live according to my earnings." I shrugged, hugging my jacket tighter to my body.

"You're so lucky." She hissed. "My dad is stinky rich and it's so annoying that he hires bodyguards to watch over me, and my activities are limited, as well as the time I spend outside of that stupid prison he calls a house." She huffed, tossing the empty juice box into a bin. "He thinks I might get arrested for doing something stupid like breaking a person's nose."

I was suddenly hearing noises behind us so we both turned around, only to see Adalyn Sum, Stacy Stern and their minions as well as a few students coming behind us.

The smirk Adalyn and Stacy wore proved that things were definitely not right. They weren't even right themselves.

Towards our right, I noticed Freya running towards us and successfully got to us, holding her knees as she panted heavily.

"What's wrong?" Sam helped me out with asking.

"That dimwit, Brad, it's been announced that he's coming for you." She informed us. "And, he's not in a good mood, you know what that means?"

I frowned. "What's his problem? It's just a kiss."

"Exactly! It seems like Brad doesn't like the 'just a kiss'. And, Adalyn thinks she's kinda Brad's closest girl so she's acting like his girlfriend and ready to pick a fight with you." She rolled her eyes then the noises from the students increased and I turned around once more, bumping into none other than Brad Grego himself. Even though he looked so dashing, he was still a dumbass.

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