Three: Constant Fight

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I stared at the students around us. Some of them already had their phones out. Why? To watch Brad break my bones? I rolled my eyes at them.

"Bel—" Brad started but was interrupted by the intruder that landed her stupid self in between us.

The very annoying blue-eyed blonde, Adalyn Sum glared at me.

"Wow, I'm so scared." I said sarcastically and yup, I made sure to roll my eyes at how terrifying she tried to look and was failing at it.

"Stay away from my Brad." She clearly stated. What in the name of what?!

"Your Brad?" I scoffed, smiling sarcastically at her. "I never knew he was now 'your Brad'." I air-quoted.

"I know that kiss was just because of a dare but I'm warning you for next time's sake, don't you dare let your friggin lips make contact with Brad's, get that?" She spat, standing in akimbo.

"Adalyn!" Brad called through gritted teeth. In any moment from now, smoke was going to be oozing out of his ears.

"Hold on, Brad." She said without looking back at him, "this filthy little thing; this piece of shit face needs to be warned."

"Thing? Shift face?!" Okay guys, don't judge me because I'm definitely sure I was right when I was ready to beat the hell out of this bitch.

I grasped her shoulders and automatically pushed her to the floor quickly. It seemed like she hadn't had enough of my beatings right from the third grade which was the first time out of the billions of times we got into a fight.

I sat on her and started to yank her blonde hair harshly while she screamed in a very deafening high-pitch.

It was certain that Brad wasn't ready to stop this fight yet because he did nothing but stared blankly at us. I turned Adalyn around and pressed her head to the floor then started to spank her butt.

Adalyn tried to fight back by pulling my wavy brown hair and threw me to the floor, sitting on me then she started to hit my face.

"Adalyn!" Brad spoke angrily then held her arms, lifting her angry self from me while she threw her legs up in the air, attempting to kick me.

I know, I know, it was pretty immature but I stuck my tongue out at her like a child to increase the rate of her frustration.

Only heavens know why the hell Samantha and Freya didn't bother to interfere in the fight but only helped me out in getting to my feet while I adjusted my clothes and finger-combed my scattered hair.

"You, bitch!" The aggravation building up in Adalyn's blue eyes was beyond words. She was really acting like his girlfriend when it was clear that she wasn't getting that chance. From Brad's reactions towards her, it was very obvious that her presence disgusted him but what I didn't understand was why he was still with her.

Brad dragged Adalyn out with him. Only then did I remember the students around us that were taking videos. Adalyn and I always got into a fight so it wasn't that much of a big deal. We were definitely going to be in the principal's office tomorrow morning.

"Man, you're damn crazy." Samantha held her stomach as she laughed boisterously. She looked pretty amused by my action.

"What?" I smirked. "I'm definitely crazy." I joined her to laugh.

"Belle?" I flinched when I heard a voice call behind me. Geez, people needed to stop startling me by talking behind me. I sucked some air in before turning around.

My eyes landed on none other than Stacy Stern, Adalyn's best friend. Her dashing dark skin was always glowing like always, her afro was packed into a big bun and the way her black eyes shimmered didn't define anything related to a good mood.

Despite the fact that Stacy was extremely stunning, she was as crazy as Adalyn.

"What do you want?" I asked rudely. Common, you didn't expect me to respond to her like a damn angel, did you?

"Stay away from Brad, okay?" She eyed me from head to toe with irritation, her hands were clutching the handles of her school bag behind her before she huffed and walked away.

"Why are we surrounded by crazy people in this high school?" Freya finally spoke.

Sam and I shot her a glare before we chuckled in unison. We were so much alike.

"I'm hungry. Can we just get over this and leave for food? I'm so glad I have a new friend with a super-rich dad." I blurted out.

"I really thought Brad was going to do something stupid to you." Freya giggled and she heaved a sigh, holding my hand then wrapped her arm around Sam's shoulders. "Let's have some food!" She screamed.


"I'm home!" I screamed at the top of my voice to announce when I walked in, throwing my shoes from off my feet.

"Sweetheart, you're back?" Aunt Lily said rhetorically then she walked to me and kissed my forehead.

"Yep." Even though it was almost 10 in the night, she didn't bother to ask where I was coming from and I loved her for that. She always felt like she needed to make me satisfied and not inconvenient to prove that she was like a mom to me.

"Where's Uncle Jack?" I asked after my late father's brother.

"He isn't back yet, he'll be back by tomorrow." She smiled warmly.

"Okay." I walked to my room which I shared with my very bratty 13-year-old cousin, Millie for some reasons I didn't understand because there was definitely a free room.

I made sure to turn on the lights and scanned the whole room first before stepping into it. I wasn't going to deny the fact that Millie was kinda scary. She was so gothic and could just appear right in front of me when I was about to get dressed or eat.

The sound of the shower from the bathroom informed me that she was in the shower.

I shut the door behind me and walked to the bed, dropping my bag and phone on it.

Millie's phone chirped from the bedside table and I bet your asses that the sound was damn irritating. It sounded like choking birds.

I groaned then walked over to it, picking it in my hands.

"Millie!" I screamed, "you have a new—" I stopped talking when my eyes met with the message.

It was from someone with the ID 'Cute boy'.

"Thank you, love you too." The message read. What in the name of holy frogs?!

The bathroom door opened and Millie stepped out of it with a towel around her body. A frown formed on her face when she spotted me, like always; seeing me made her frown. She looked very beautiful with her straight black hair tied above her head and she was not in black clothing but a white towel.

"You're back— what are you doing with my phone?!" She groaned then rushed over to me, snatching the phone from me.

"Who's Cute boy?" I questioned immediately. I wasn't going to beat around the bush for any shit.

"He's a boy in a grade higher than mine, he's cute." She shrugged nonchalantly and threw her phone to the bed. "Don't you dare read my messages again, okay?" Her black eyes bored into mine with a totally boring and uninterested look.

"Girl, you're only 13." I furrowed my eyebrows.

"So?" She started to get dressed in a black pyjamas with grey cat-designs on it.

"I'm telling your mom." I folded my arms across my chest.

"I don't care." She huffed. "Don't tell me you didn't date any boy at the age of 13?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Shut up, I'm telling both your parents." I threatened further.

"Anyways, how's Brad?" She was good at changing the topic, uhn.

Wait, what?! "How the hell do you know Brad?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"I know how I get my information so I'm linked to your school's news and know the whole 'kiss' thing." She smirked.

"WHAT?!" I didn't intend to yell so much.

"What? Do you also want me to tell my father about how you constantly pick a fight with Adalyn?" She smirked. Wow, she made something related to a happy expression? I'm truly amazed. "Or when you ran in the school's garden in your underwear? Or when you made a kid eat worms?"

"You're annoying." I groaned then got to my wardrobe, slipping out a red hoodie and wore it around my body. "Don't you dare tell anyone anything you know about what I do at school."

"As long as you don't tell on me." She shrugged then climbed on the bed. "You don't know how much I know of the things you do at school." She chuckled. Today just had to be a weird day for Millie, she chuckled? How was that possible?

I ignored her and left the room. I prayed I didn't bump into Mike, my other cousin, he was so stupid and it was really annoying.

"Hi?" Seriously? Did I really have to bump into him when I prayed not to?

"What?!" I yelled at his face energetically and he raised a confused eyebrow at me.

"What's with you?" He cackled.

"Just get out of my way." I hissed then walked past him, shambling out of the house to avoid getting into a squabble with him.

"Lily, I'm going for a walk." I announced aloud.

"Okay, sweetie." See? As easy as hell.

I was free from work today so I needed to enjoy my free day, grab a tub of ice-cream and do fun things this night, probably sleepover at Freya's.

Shit! I forgot my phone in my room. I only realised that.

I was still muttering cuss words to myself when I felt a hand yank at my wrist and pulled me into a bend on the road.

I started to scream but another hand covered my mouth, compressing my scream.

"Shh." If you guessed Brad, you were right. Totally right. Why the hell and how the hell was he here?

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