Four: I Don't Care

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Even in the dark night light, his black curly hair still glistened adorably and his skin was beyond mouth-watering.

I wriggled myself from his grip and tugged at the hem of my hoodie.

"What was that for?" I frowned.

"We haven't settled the scores?" He replied with a totally blank expression and shoved his hands into his jacket pocket.

"S- settled what sco-scores?" I stuttered, my heart was already starting to palpitate. If he wanted to settle the scores, did that mean he wanted to kiss me back? WHAT?! My head was reeling in circles as different thoughts kept booming in it.

"What's wrong with you?" He quirked an eyebrow at me.

"Okay?" I was very puzzled at the moment that I didn't know what words could fit as my response so I just blurted anything out.

"When I mean settle the scores, I mean I want to clarify things." He explained and that made my whole tensed body receive its revival back to normal.

"Oh." I muttered, slightly disappointed.

"First thing, when I called you beautiful, it was a stupid dare as well so that doesn't give you the fucking right to kiss me, okay?" His voice was calm but it somehow made me really exasperated. He called me beautiful for some stupid dare?

"Wow, I'm so surprised." I said sarcastically, trying to hide the anger that coated me.

"Also, I hate so much attention to myself so don't fucking kiss me again for some friggin dare, it's damn annoying to have people talking about me all the time. I prefer my peace and quiet, okay?" He warned.

"Oh, really?" I frowned. "Guess who doesn't care?" I didn't know what to say and my unreasonable anger was taking control. "I'm not interested in what you think and I prefer attention to me so if you have a problem with it, deal with it yourself!" I hollered lividly.

"Wait, I don't understand what exactly is your problem. I don't care if you care, I'm just warning you." He shrugged then suddenly wore a serious frown. "I'm being serious here or you won't like how things would turn out to be." He glared at me and that caused my fury to wash away with a slight fear and I gulped.

He didn't say any other word then turned around to leave.

"I do what I want!" I screamed then he held up both his middle fingers towards me but didn't even look back at me.


"Good day." Mr Austin, our Mathematics teacher said while frowning (as always) then he closed his textbooks, arranged all his things into his briefcase and left the class which immediately triggered a round of loud noises from the students in the class as students got out of their seats and started leaving the class while some still waited to do things.

My eyes involuntarily travelled to Brad who sat by the corner of the classroom with his headphones on. Despite the fact that Mr Austin was extremely strict, he was kinda scared of Brad and totally ignored Brad's obviously wrong attitudes in his classes, like he did in every other class.

Nevertheless, magically, Brad still always topped the class, despite not even listening to a word or taking notes.

Brad raised his head and just somehow happened to look at me and caught me staring right at him. I immediately averted my gaze to Freya. Gosh…

Sam rose from her seat and walked to stand right in front of Freya's table and I also got to my feet, taking my bag and hanging one of its shoulders' straps loosely on my shoulder.

"What's her problem? She's been like that all day long." Sam frowned, folding her arms across her chest.

"I don't know what's up with her too." I shrugged. Freya had been very silent and gloomy since this morning. It was so annoying and it made me worry. "Talk to me, hun." I pouted then held her chin so she could face me directly. Her grey eyes were so teary and the bags under them as well as her disheveled blonde hair proved that she didn't sleep over the night.

Through the help of my sideways glance, I noticed Brad rise to his feet then hung his bag's shoulder strap on his shoulder.

Freya simply shook her head then wearily rose to her feet after pushing her table forwards. "Let's just get going." She sighed.

Sam and I didn't press any further and continued walking, each one of us by either of her sides.

As Brad walked in front of us, Freya stopped walking and we did the same. She stared at him, shooting him a death glare from her grey eyes.

He glanced at her but shrugged and continued to walk. After he stepped out of the classroom and shut the door behind him, only then did she continue to walk.

"What was that for?" Sam asked.

Freya still remained silent even after we left the school's compound.

"Girls, my driver isn't picking me up today so we should probably go to a restaurant and have fun." Sam grinned.

Freya and I stared at her then I flashed her a smile but Freya still remained dead silent.

Freya flinched so hard when Sam harshly slapped her shoulder. "Would you stop this fucking silent treatment and tell us whatever shit is going on in your head? If you don't tell us, which other fucking human will you tell?!"

I couldn't help the chuckle that came from me. Sam just happened to be so funny, though she looked really serious at the moment.

Freya sighed then stared at her shoes. "My boyfriend, Jax, broke up with me last night." She whispered.

—"Oh, no!" I exclaimed.

— "what!" Sam exclaimed the same time as me.

"Yeah. He called me last night for shit and just stupidly broke up with me even though it's after three years of this relationship." She sobbed.

"Oh my, my baby." I hugged Freya, patting her shoulders. Freya wasn't the type of person to cry for any shit so it hurt me to see her hurt.

"No way. I'll definitely punch that son of a bitch's nose and rip him apart for making my chip cry." Sam said angrily.

"No need to cry, we're here for you." I consoled her.

Freya pulled back from my hug and wiped her tears with her fingers. "Gosh, this is so embarrassing." She chuckled sadly. We were only a few buildings away from the school's building so there were definitely a few students from school who just weren't going to not stare at her.

"No problem, it's not embarrassing. Things like this happen in life so 'morons' can stare at you anyhow they like." Sam said, staring at one of the students venomously as he stressed the word 'morons'.

"Thank you." Freya chuckled, sniffing in. "Let's get going."

I really wondered why Jax broke up with her. I knew there was no way she was going to tell me so easily so I was going to wait.

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