Five: Waitress

After Freya and Sam left for their respective houses, I decided to return home then wore a yellow crop top and high-waist jeans trouser with a big jacket.

I was headed to work. I worked at different places at once, part-time. So, today I had to work at the restaurant which I worked in for three days in a week.

I took the public bus then was thinking of new ideas of what to draw. Our new neighbors happened to stumble upon a piece of my artwork then they requested something new, unique, extraordinary and very beautiful and offered me a great pay. They also asked me to paint their daughters' rooms…

After I alighted the bus, I had to walk to the next two streets before I got to 'RissER Restaurant' which I worked in.

When I opened the door, it made a ding sound to indicate that someone just got in then I tied my brown wavy hair into a French roll as I walked to the still room.

"Hi, Jade." I greeted the woman in her late 20s that worked here too.

"Oh, hi. I thought you weren't coming today." She grinned, her green eyes glistening with happiness. Gosh, I wished I could look so happy.

"Yeah, I wanna be free tomorrow so I decided to come today." I flashed her a warm smile then went to the extremely small dressing room to change into my waitress uniform.

"There's an order for table number 16, please." Jade announced immediately I walked to the kitchen then she handed me a tray of food.

"Table number 16?" I asked for confirmation and she replied with a positive nod.

I shook my body slightly, just to feel straight then cleared my throat and started to walk to the restaurant.

"Table number 16," I muttered as my eyes scanned the tables. I spotted table number 16 then walked to it.

There was a middle-aged man with little grey hair and on the seat. Opposite to his chair, there was someone else I was totally not interested in. His back faced me.

"Table number 16, here's your order." I smiled then dropped the tray on the table.

"Fuck, no! Not you again." That familiar voice growled then my head snapped to the person I had chosen to ignore. Okay. So now, wait please, why the hell was Brad here?!

"Brad?" I frowned on calling his name, standing straight.

"You're here again?" He rolled his eyes. He was dressed in all black and his black curly hair was gelled backwards which made him look more gothic.

"Of course, I work here." I rolled my eyes with a huff.

"You know her? Is she your girlfriend?" The middle-aged man spoke.

"No!" We both exclaimed in unison.

"Dad, why'd you guess that?" Brad scoffed. Waoh! Dad? That explained where he got his hot looks from. His dad was as gorgeous as he was, even though he was older-looking.

"Why not? She looks very beautiful and just matches you," his dad shrugged nonchalantly and I tried my best to hide my blush but I failed at it and my face flushed red.

"Well… she's not. We barely even know each other." He took his own order from the tray then started to dig into it.

"Thank you, dear." The man said as a smile tucked at the corner of his lips.

I nodded, then returned to the kitchen.

My phone suddenly rang from my jacket's pocket, in the dressing room, then I rushed to pick it up. It was Freya calling.

"Hello, bae." I said in a sing-song manner.

She giggled from the other end of the line and that made me relieved. I was glad that she could make a happy sound once more. "You're at work, right?" She said.

"Yeah." I sat on a high stool that was towards the side of the door that led to the Kitchen.

"What time will you be done? Before 10pm?" She asked, her voice carried an emotion I couldn't define.


"Will you?"

"I dunno," I lied. I was going to be done for the day at 8pm.

"Belle," she groaned and I chuckled. "I need you to come over to my house. My grandfather is hosting a party and I really need you and Sam to be there so I wouldn't feel alone, pretty please." She pleaded.

"Why?" A small frown crumpled my eyebrows.

"The party's going to be very boring and other family members I might or might not like will also be present. I don't want to be anymore frustrated after Jax's stupid action. I beg of you, dear Queen." She suppressed her laughter.

"Ugh, I dunno…" I trailed off. I really felt the need to rest.

"Please. It's an overnight party and I already told Lily and Mike, they said you can skip school for tomorrow if you attend. By the way, we can do something stupid together." She persuaded me.

"Really? Skip school? Something stupid? Oh, you bet your fucking asses that I'm in!" I laughed.

"Thank you so much, love you. Now, I'll call Sam." She squealed, almost deafening my eardrums. Sam's dad wasn't the kind of person to let Sam go to some overnight party easily but he kinda trusted us so he was certainly going to agree.

All through the period that Brad and his Dad were around, talking about things I didn't bother to listen to, I couldn't stop staring and admiring him while I worked. He was distracting  me and not making me work properly. It seemed like he was doing it intentionally but the real truth was that he didn't even know there was this girl that had a crazy crush on him.


"Please hurry up." I whined for the umpteenth time.

"Shut your trap and let her get done with the shit she's doing, girl." Sam snapped right at me.

"Woah, sorry mama." I teased then we all laughed.

Freya did the final touching on my makeup then I was finally free.

"Gosh, thank goodness. I thought it was going to last for forever." I hissed then stared at the vanity mirror to admire the extremely pulchritudinous damsel that reflected on it. I wasn't going to lie that Freya was extremely great at doing makeup.

"I love it, thank you." Sam said while she admired herself from a cosmetic powder mirror that she had in her hand.

"You're welcome. Thanks," she blushed then quickly did her own makeup before we left for downstairs.

Freya didn't tell us that the party wasn't in her house but some hall so we were going there. Great thing was that she had already picked outfits for us that suited our taste. For me, she had picked a dark blue gown that ended just above my knees and hugged my curves tightly, revealing my cleavage and the tattoo on my forearm. For Sam, she picked a black shirt and black trouser that fitted her so well then she neatly braided Sam's hair into two parts.

We left in a limousine. I couldn't stop touching and observing the features of the limo even though it wasn't my first time being in one. The benefits of having friends with rich parents.

We got down from the Limousine then we walked right into the gigantic and extremely fancy hall with both of them by each of my sides.

The hall had extremely beautiful tables with expensive-looking chairs around them and a vase of flowers at their middle. There was a very big and glowing chandelier by the middle of the high-ceiling. Different lights brightened the room and there were mostly flowers designs in every design. Different and rich-looking people already filled the hall which meant that we were late. So much for having such a rich family.

"Oh, my baby." An old-looking man in a fancy suit, who I could tell was Freya's grandfather said in his strong voice, pulling Freya into a hug.

"Hey, Grandpa." She said with a smile after stepping away from his hug that I assumed was bone-crushing.

"How're you? I've missed you so much." He kissed her forehead and she giggled like a child.

"I'm great, you? I missed you as well."

"I'm very good, my child." He smirked then only acknowledged our presence. "Hey, Freya's friends." He grinned, hugging us and Sam frowned when he hugged her because yep, it was a bone-crushing hug. "Thanks for coming. You'll have the best time of your lives." An obvious lie. This party seemed too classy to be fun.

"Grandpa, please tell me you didn't invite—" before Freya could complete her sentence, he cut her off.

"Oh, my boy." He cooed, stretching his hands forth then Freya groaned.

Soon enough, Brad dilatorily stepped into his hug.

"What the?!" I said then Brad raised his head to look at me.

"You again?" He had a blank expression on. "Are you following me or something?"

"What's going on? Why's he here?" I was directing my question to Freya but couldn't take my eyes off this hot dude in front of me.

"Yeah, Brad's my cousin." Freya fed me with that piece of information like it wasn't a big deal.

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