Seven: Why Are You In The Ladies'Restroom

"Brad?!" My eyes widened. He immediately took the earphones off. "Why are you in the ladies restroom?"

"Excuse me, what?" Brad's forehead furrowed. "What do you mean by the ladies' restroom? This is obviously for Men." His frown became more intense. 

"Ar-are you ki–kidding me?" I stuttered, feeling confused. Oh no, I didn't remember to check whether or not it was the Men restroom or ladies' I had entered. 

I gulped audibly and placed my hands behind me, touching my bare skin with my cold hands. 

Brad eyed me with irritation lingering in his Chestnut eyes and started walking away but I held him back by gripping onto his… suit coat? Why was he dressed so formally? I only noticed that. 

"What's your problem?" He snapped at me. His glare made it seem like I was an enemy of his that had taken all that belonged to him and had ruined his entire life. 

"Uh— I— I need…" I trailed off, scratching the back of my neck. 

His eyes landed on my hands that held his suit coat and he signalled for me to let go but I didn't obey. "Let go!" He barked. 

"Please, I need your help!" I said abruptly. 

"My help? Why? What makes you think I'll be willing to help?" He asked at once.

I heaved a sigh, hoping to blurt the next words out freely. "My gown is ripped, now I don't know what to do. I need you to help me call Freya here to search for Sam." 

"Freya is really busy with Grandfather now and wouldn't dare to leave his side at this point. I think she already left with him. And I wouldn't waste my time searching for Sam for you. The last time I saw her, she was probably leaving with a guy." He held my hand and pulled it away from his cloth. "Plus, I don't see how your fucking dress is ripped."

A groan escaped my throat. Without thinking twice, I pivoted so he could notice the ripped part of my gown.

He didn't say anything for a second. "You do know I can see your panties, right?" He said boringly. 

I sharply turned around with a squeak and covered my lower back with my palms. "Pervert." I could feel the heat rise up in my face. 

"I'm only saying what I see. What's so pervert about it?" He hissed. "I hope you find help somewhere. Bye." He attempted to go again but I held him back by holding his arm. Gosh… his bicep felt so strong and muscular for a boy his age. 

"Are you just going to leave me all by myself?" I made a puppy face, trying my best to look pitiable. 

He didn't seem affected by what I tagged as cute. "What do you expect me to do?" 

"I don't know… your suit coat." My face lit up at that. "Please lend it to me." I pleaded desperately, feeling my hand throbbing at the touch of his arm. 

"Dad would kill me if I come home without it? It's an exclusive design from one of the best fashion designers in the World." I internally rolled my eyes at his every word. 

"I won't take it permanently. All I need is to wear it around me till I find a way out of the crowd without anyone noticing." 

"How about my suit coat?" He glared down at me questioningly.

"I won't have it permanently. I'll definitely return it to you. I'll go to Freya, we'll go into her car, then I'll ask her to return it to you immediately." I rolled my eyes at him. 

"Didn't you hear what I said? I said Freya already left with Grandpa for a very important family issue to attend to. I think I heard her telling Sam to go home with you but I didn't think the red-haired was in her right state of mind. I also think she left with a dude so she probably wouldn't be of help to you." 

"What?! No way!" I scratched my cheek. "Okay, I'll wear it and ask a random person to give it to you."

"I don't like random people touching my clothing, and that includes you." He seemed to think about it for a while but took it off his body after a sigh. "Remember, I have to return home with it. Don't take it with you accidentally, else things will get out of hand." Why was he taking it as such a big deal? Wasn't it just a suit coat?

Nevertheless, I took it from hin and wore it around me. "Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help." I smirked at him. 

"I'm not helping you. I just need you to stop pestering me." He rolled his eyes. 

"Still, thank you." I hugged the cloth closer to my chest and advanced to the door. I sensed that he was walking behind me lightly. A smile crept up my lips? It was so cute to be in the same restroom as your cush, wasn't it?

I turned the door knob to open the door but it didn't budge. 

"Oh no, don't tell—" Brad widened his eyes irately. 

"Relax." I smiled, remembering that I had locked the door. "I locked it. See?" I unlocked it and pulled the door open but was more than surprised to see that it still didn't open. "Oh no!" It was my turn to panic. 

I pulled the door forcefully, hitting it with my fist but there was nothing. It was obviously locked from the outside. I continued hitting the door, yelling, "help!" But there was no response. 

Brad groaned, muttering cuss words to himself. "This is all your fault!" What? How the hell was he putting the blame on me?

"Excuse me? How the fuck does this have to do with me?" An angry stare found its way on my face. 

"If I hadn't offered to help you, I'd have been outta here. Now I'm stuck with you. The door is locked because obviously, the party's over and Grandpa is out. It's left to us to figure out how to help ourselves out now." He didn't sound pleased by this at all. 


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