Embody Me.

Alex walks to the bar counter and pours him a drink and takes a long sip of it and closes his eyes and crack his neck. Rosie is now lying on the floor while tears from her eyes keep on falling nonstop. Suddenly Alex starts chuckling, he puts his drink glass on the counter and look at her and starts laughing loudly. She slowly looks at him and wipes her face with the back of her hand and sits up. “You don’t know what you’re starting Rosie, I’m warning you don’t mess with me. This won’t be good for you I will send you away and never call you to see me. That’s all he needed to say, his words hit her like a truck she gets on her fours and crawls to him and sits at his feet and stares up at him. “Don’t please don’t send me away, I can’t survive without you I will die if I don’t get to feel your touch. I need you and I know you need me too.” She smiles through her pain and tries to hold the tears that are threatening to fall.

“Oh no! No! I don’t need you! I can get a woman like you any time I want. Don’t you be in that misconception my dear.” He laughs and finishes his drink. “I know, I know you don’t need me, but I need you.” She whispers surrendering herself to him. Alex feels a sense of power and he likes it; he likes it every single time. He needs to be on control all his life his father controlled over him, his father made all his life decisions. He never had any control over his life but now he is completing that desire of his to have some control by fully controlling Rosie.

"Open up, and stick out your tongue out." He commands and forces his hardness in her mouth without even waiting for her to do as he asked for. She tries not to gag as he goes further deep down her throat making her bury his nose on his lower abs. She holds onto his muscular thighs tightly as she starts to suffocate. He pulls out right before, she feels like she will pass out. He knows her body well; too well for his own good."Look at you drooling over my touch, you nasty girl." He chuckles as tears run down her eyes and she swallows thickly, to get rid of the dry feeling from her throat, to go away. He gives her no time and thrusts in her mouth again and starts thrusting her mouth. She moves her mouth along with his thrusts and tries to lick him as much as possible.

"Oh shit doll, your mouth is so hot." He moans biting down his lower lip showing her, his front tooth that is a little crooked. She bobs her head back and forth fast feeling him twitch in her mouth. "Oh yeah just like that." He moans throwing his head back holding her head in place while thrusting down her throat. She gags on him and tries to pull away but he keeps holding her head and keeps on thrusting in her mouth faster and bursts out his hot juices in her mouth, with a loud moan of her name.

Rosie chokes and starts coughing, causing it to spill around her mouth. "Oh no! Are you spilling? Gosh you're wasting everything, you’re being really bad." He says looking at her, as she quickly swallows the rest and licks around her mouth.

"Good girl, but you did waste some and you know daddy doesn't like it right? So, what should daddy do hmm? Let me think, daddy should punish you, right?" He chuckles and walks to the suite's closet where he keeps all his toys. She keeps looking his way like a lost puppy; she sees him go through the closet and gulps down feeling a little nervous. After a while, he comes back with a smug look on his face."Oh, you love these." He says dangling the nipple clamps in front of her. No! She absolutely hates them, they hurt so badly. He knows her breasts are sensitive, yet he keeps on torturing her. Her breasts are already sore and in pain as her periods are due soon. There’s no way she can take them, at least not today.

"No, please I can't today." She begs to him, but he ignores her and walks behind her and unhooks her bra and slides it off her body, making her breasts perk up. "God they look bigger than the last time." He says and squeezes them hard.

"Ahhh!!" She screams out feeling immense pain, her eyes tears up more, making her vision go blurry. They feel so sore and sensitive; he twists and pinches her nipple as she squirms around in pain. He attaches both the clamps on her nipple, making her cry out in pain. "Please they hurt."She cries out, letting her tears fall.

"No mercy doll." He says and makes her stand and turns her around.

 A hard slap lands on her ass making her bend forward. He grabs her waist and hoists it up making her ass stick up towards him. He spits on her entrance and rubs it. "No no no!! UGH!!! She gets cut off as he holds a vibrator against her bundle of nervesShe screams and cries out at the sensation; her whole body feels nothing but pain. He waits no more and lines his hardness on her entrance and enters her hard. She screams out as another shock of pleasure goes straight to the pit of her stomach. "Please." She begs as he starts pounding in her in an animalistic pace.

He squeezes her breasts from behind causing her to squeeze her eyes and throw her head back groaning.

"Yeah scream for me!" He groans in her ear.

Loud skin slapping noises fill up the room, only her screams and his muffled groans can be heard. She feels her high approaching, her whole body starts shaking and sobs of protest comes out of her mouth, as she comes undone around his hardness.

"Did I tell you to finish yet doll?!" He growls in her ear and pulls her hair to make her arch her back.

"No—ugh!" She yelps in pain due to the overwhelming pleasure. He grunts in her ear and sucks on her neck and bites down on it. Every one of his thrusts starts to hurt more and more. She feels him drop the vibrator that he was holding against her. She moans starting to feel light in her head, he pulls out and comes in front of her and pulls her up. She stands in front of him and leans completely on his body as her body has given up on her.

Alex picks her up and puts her on his shoulder like a rag doll and walks to the bed and drops her on it. She lays there on her stomach and after a while feels the bed shift. She feels him behind her and feels him slowly wrap his arms around my waist and pull her up, to make her go on her fours. "God I love it, the marks on your skin look so beautiful." He hisses entering her again making her scream out his name.

"I can't anymore please!" She screams loudly shaking due to the overstimulation.

"Beg!" He groans as she feels his hardness twitch inside her. Rosie starts to clench around him to help him get to his release faster, so that he could stop the torture on her. It starts to work and he starts moaning her name while his thrusts start to get sloppier. "Please! Please" She screams moaning trying really hard to clench on him as tightly as possible.

"Oh y—yeah! Ahh" He growls.

"Yes daddy please! Please!" She screams at the top of her lungs as she feels his juices burst in her.

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