They lay on the bed in each other’s warm embrace; it feels like they are one. He lies on top of her breathing heavily, she tries to calm her breathing, her eyes are closed; lips parted. Suddenly, it goes away, he pulls out of her and pushes her away from him and stands up. Opening her eyes she stares at him sidewise, still laying flat on her stomach. He grabs a towel and walks in the bathroom, without sparing her a glance. She closes her eyes and starts falling asleep due to tiredness.

 After a while the opening of the bathroom door wakes her up from her sleeping state. When she looks around, she sees him standing in front of the dresser, tucking his shirt into his pant. He's ready to leave but she doesn’t want him to go. She needs him; she needs him to take care of her, she needs his affection. "Please take care of me, please hide me in your embrace, I feel really lonely right now." She begs, in her complete vulnerable state as tears stream down her cheeks nonstop. "You will be fine, there's no need for submissive after care. And anyways I don't have time for this shit, right now. Sleep and your head will clear up." He says fixing his tie. "Please don't go, stay please." She keeps on begging as her cries start to get louder. It feels hollow, it's doesn't feel good to see him go without taking care of her. She goes to get out of the bed but he throws a bundle of hundred dollar bills on the bed and walks out without even glancing back at her once. She lies back on the bed and curls up with the side pillow and closes her eyes crying.

 The room is completely dark, she feels a little pinch on her lower body, and her breasts are aching in pain. She groans moving around; her head feels heavy, there’s a hammering pain in her whole body hurts. Her eyes are closed, yet tears starts gathering her eyes recalling the entire incident that took place a few hours ago. When she goes to sit up, she feels a restrain around her body, a pair of arms stopping her from getting up. "Shhh you're fine." A hush voice says making her open my eyes. It's Alex, she’s lying on top of him, he is beneath her, with his hands are wrapped around her waist. He came back, he came back to take care of her.

Or is it just all her imagination? She questions herself and slowly places her hand on his cheek and caresses it. He is here; he is real, she smiles through the pain and slowly plants a soft kiss on his lips. A tear rolls down her cheeks and falls on his cheek, suddenly he feels a sting in his heart, knowing too well what the reasons behind her tears are. "I'm here Rosie, don't cry anymore." He says tightening his arms around her body. She lies back down on his chest letting her tears fall. "Don't leave me, I need you." She says in a shaky voice. "I won't." He says patting the back of her head and makes her lay on his side and back hugs her, pulling her close to his chest. She leans back on him and holds onto his arms tightly, that are wrapped around her.

Sun rays come through the window and hit her eyes; she crinkles here eyes and puts her hand on top of them to cover herself up. Her other hand goes on top of the mattress, while it looks around for the boy, who was supposed to be there. She opens her eyes and looks to her side and sees the bed is empty; he is gone, he left again and this time without letting her know. She sighs and wraps herself with the blanket and walks to the bathroom to freshen up. She walks in front of the basin counter and drops the blanket and lets it slide down her body. Slowly bringing her right hand up to her neck, she caresses the blue and purple marks on it. She stares at her reflection on the mirror; her chest is filled with his bite marks. She closes her eyes and starts to feel his touch all over her body, the images from last night plays in her head over and over again. A small smile appears on her lips, when she remembers how he came back for her.

The sound of water filling up the tub pulls her out of her trance. She snaps her head back to look at the tub, as a sudden fear takes over her, as she was alone in the suite. But her eyes lock with Alex’s, who is staring at her. He is a bathrobe, sitting on the edge of the bathtub. A blush appears on her face realizing he didn’t leave, he was here all along. He stares at her and after a while, gestures her to go near him. She slowly walks to him looking down at the floor while biting on her lower lip to stop her smile. When she is close enough he holds her wrist and pulls her to him and makes her sit on his lap. 

"You were being so clingy yesterday you know that right? Mhmm doll you are becoming more and more adamant as each day passes by." He says squeezing her waist with one hand, while his other hand pushes the hair out of her face. She whimpers and slowly wraps her arms around his neck, still keeping her gaze down. "I'm sorry." She whispers. "Sorry? Sorry won't fix everything baby you need to be punished again." He says making her stand. She nods and gets on my knees in front of him. Her stomach fills up with butterflies while she completely submits to him. He puts his hand on her head and gives it a pat and stands up, staring down at her. "We won't be seeing each other anymore." These words spill from his mouth making her head snap up to look at him. Her mouth falls open, while tears start to fill up her eyes; she is in complete and utter shock.

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