It Feels Good to be Yours.

Ryan kisses her lips making every hair on her body stand. The way his lips move with her just makes her lose her mind. His hands start roaming around her naked body causing a shiver run down her spine she feels his fingertips graze her erected right nipple. Her hands go up to the back of his head and she tugs his hair moaning, letting his warm tongue get in her mouth. His tongue is roughly fighting with hers, making her lose against him. His tongue explores every inch of her mouth, soon both their tongues dance with each other in perfect sync. She puts her hands on his chest and feels his rock hard body. He slowly nibbles on her lower lip, taking it in between his teeth.

She moans at the sensation, it feels new and it feels good. She starts taking off his wet shirt and throws it on the floor. Ryan leaves her mouth and kisses the corner of it and goes down sucking and occasionally biting on her jaw and neck. "Oh god!" She moans feeling his tongue roll circles on the nape
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