Chapter Nine

As Avery read the letter, tears ran down her cheeks, a few drops landing on the paper as her eyes kept going over the beautiful handwriting over and over again.

Her entire life had been nothing but a lie, a damn illusion, a spectacle someone played, claiming it was for her own good. People who Avery thought were her parents lived with a secret to protect her, but from what, who and why? Why couldn't they leave hints about this danger in the letter instead of leaving her hanging?

After reading the letter again, Avery had far too many questions running through her mind, which only doubled with every time her eyes scanned the piece of paper.

Her eyes focused on the box that contained parts of her past, which undoubtedly was dark and dangerous.

The past Avery didn't have any idea she had. Against her better judgement, she felt angry and betrayed. Not by them, not by the amazing people who raised her, loved her, and reminded Avery of their undying love every day.

Avery was furious at
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Comments (6)
goodnovel comment avatar
Deborah Endersby
Loving this story!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Francis M Torres
damn.... she really messed that up with Becca, she's definitely going to have to do some damage control. Plus side, I love Avery and Aamon.
goodnovel comment avatar
Ariana Clair
man she's got alot of damage control to organize, learn to control her new gifts & make up to her friend

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