Chapter Ten

Today was the day; the big day Avery had been waiting for, feeling both excited and terrified the closer it came.

September 9th: her twenty-first birthday and the day Avery was supposed to be initiated into her late mother's Coven- the Faewood Coven.

Or should she address it as her aunt's Coven? But how could she? Because the woman that raised her was the only mother Avery had known. And though she wanted to be angry, Avery wanted to hate where life had thrown her- she couldn't.

Biological parents or not, they were the best parents a child could wish for.

Besides, now that she knew that her biological mother had given up on her life to save Avery, no matter how hurt she was, Avery just couldn't feel any anger towards the mother she never got to know and the mother who never told her the truth.

It had already been two days since her last dream revelation, two whole days since an unconscious state of Avery's mind had given her the chance to watch everything happen with her own eyes
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Barb Burnett
Holy Crap. I hope the girls stay friends

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