Chapter Eleven

Avery wiped the tears from her cheeks as she tried to take in Meredith's words. It felt weird how much the woman's explanation sounded like a confession as if she didn't want anyone to find out or swore to take the secret to her grave.

"When I found Ellie in that village, she was sure you died with your mother and had no idea you survived. She hadn't spoken to the Coven since she left, so we came up with a plan. I couldn't keep running with you; that wasn't a life your mother wanted you to have, so Ellie and Jon adopted you before moving back to Avalon. We decided it would be easier to hide you from them right under their noses. Besides, since your mother and Ellie were twins, no one questioned Ellie and assumed you were her biological daughter because you took after your mother. The Coven thought you were Ellie's and Jon's biological child. They had no reason to dig into it as they believed I was still on the run with you, and they knew Ellie was pregnant when she left the city."

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Brandy Wilson
maybe offer your readers free chapter for voting for you since that boost your ratings and encourages others to read your books .
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Brandy Wilson
I love reading your books I started reading about 2 weeks ago and have read almost all of them except for the uncompleted ones. but getting a little frustrated with the cost of the points to unlock the next chapter. may have to stop reading for awhile and just wait it out I guess.
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Francis M Torres
omg.... this is getting so good

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