Chapter Fourteen

Avery woke up around the middle of the night. The sitting room was dark; no one had bothered to switch on a lamp for her to navigate around if she were to wake up before sunrise.

Rubbing the remnants of sleep from her eyes, Avery grunted at the slight ache in her back. She had slept on the couch, and the pain in her back was reminding Avery of an uncomfortable position in which she had spent the last couple of hours.

She couldn't get rid of the weird sensation that made her feel as if her mind was awake, but her body refused to acknowledge the face. Before Avery attempted to force her body awake, she overheard Aamon and Meredith talking in hushed voices.

Avery listened in, and soon she was sure that her godmother and the demon were arguing over something, so she decided to pretend she was asleep and listened in on their conversation. Whatever was the reason for their argument had to be a big thing, especially since those two weren't on the best terms, but they still tried to hide s
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Comments (4)
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Francis M Torres
Yes I just finished that series last night, and am so excited to read this one. I think they are a cute couple
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Nicole Beaune
LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Just finished Hybrid Aria series and its nice to know Avery's story and how she will tie into that family. It's also heart warming to know she does reopen her moms store and thats the place everyone goes in the Aria series.
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Beaune
Same got that feeling as soon as I read the note!

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