Chapter Twenty-Seven

I was dreaming, I knew I was dreaming. How did I know I was dreaming? My mother and father were dead, my house no longer existed. This was a dream more specifically, the nightmare I suffered through for weeks before their deaths. It was different though, I wasn't my mother in fact, I have no idea whose eyes I was looking through.

My eyes scanned over my house. It was late at night the street was completely silent. The only light shining was coming from the dim street lights and the moon, casting shadows over the front of the house. Looking up, I walked onto the soft grass of my front lawn, before making my way to my front porch steps. I walked up the familiar five stairs to the veranda, the porch lights immediately flicking on from the motion sensor.

Reaching my arm up, I grip the bulb above my head and twist it out until it flicks off. Noticing for the first time the black leather gloves that

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why are the chapters repeating???? I don't mind paying to read, but paying to read it again. now I am lost and irritated.
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Why are these chapters repeated! I'm so mad! I don't spend real money on these! GRR! ...
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I'm wondering the same?? wth

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