Chapter Twenty-Nine

The next morning, I awoke to being tangled up in the blankets, Aamon's arm draped lazily over my abdomen, his leg also draped over mine resting between my legs. Trying to move his arm, he pulled me towards him, hugging me tightly as he rolled over to his side facing me. I tried to wriggle out from underneath his arm but was only pulled even closer, so my face was now pushed into his rock-hard chest.

Aamon's skin was warm against my naked flesh, snuggling into him, I gave up on the idea of escaping and decided to just enjoy being in his arms a little longer. I could feel Aamon's breath in my hair and hear his soft snores as he slept peacefully. I brushed the tips off my fingers over his side and watched as he moved under my touch. I loved his body and loved how his demon side responded to being touched or maybe he was just responding to my energy.

After about ten minutes of my fingertips gently exploring the tight mu

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Susan Spinner Tryon
These pst few chapters are repeats. I’m hoping to find out what happens to Avery, Aamon and Becca…
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Nahdene Sealey
Aamon smashed her phone... did it magically repair itself?

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