Chapter Thirty

Agatha motioned with her hand for me to follow her, I obliged walking up the stairs and onto the veranda. I was surrounded by Coven members, looking over at Aamon behind me, he looked extremely uncomfortable. I could tell he could feel the negative energy surrounding us just as I could. When I stepped up the last step, I stood directly in front of Beryl and Agatha.

Agatha's eyes flickered to Aamon and her lips twisted up into a smirk before her eyes flickered to mine. We were standing so close, forced even closer when Michael stepped behind me. His hand gripping my forearm. I could feel the heat penetrating into my flesh as he used his element, trying to burn and scar my flesh. Instead of screaming in agony though like a normal person, I looked over my shoulder before looking down at his hand that was gripping my arm.

He jerked his hand

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goodnovel comment avatar
The chapters are repeating themselves
goodnovel comment avatar
The chapters are repeated after she takes down Agatha and returns to the penthouse,
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Therese Paulsson
I kind of thought aemon killed her parents ever since she had the secound Flash of him when his father was dead and he made a phonecall.

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