Chapter Thirty-One

Agatha's hand moved to fast for me to stop her. Her fingertips brushing my neck just below my ear before her palm lay on my cheek. I gasped in shock at the so-called gift she was giving me. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head, seeing only darkness, until I was taken back to the night, my parents were killed. That dreaded night that I wish would stop haunting me.

My house was engulfed in the darkness of the night. I was standing out the front of my house, a knife in my hand, only it wasn't my hand, I recognised the opal ring that was on the index finger. It was Agatha's hand, that was now pressed so lightly on my cheek. The knife she was holding was cool to touch and the same knife that was plunged into my father's chest the night he was murdered. I could tell she was waiting for someone. The night was dark, only the dim street lights in the distance created any light. The moon was high in the sky, I could just make it out between t

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Nikki Boarman
repeat repeat!!
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Tonya Horinek
Awe, this is not going to be good! :-(
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Tina Weldon
She is going to send him to hell!! .........

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