Chapter Thirty-Two

The apartment felt cold or maybe it was just me knowing, what I was going to do. But it definitely felt darker and colder than I remember, different. This place was home for the last few months, we had put ourselves in a little bubble when we were here, a safe little bubble. I was about to burst that bubble, completely destroy the happiness I craved and wanted with him. This place now only held lies and deception.

My heart felt like it was being crushed into pieces, shattered never to be put back together. Aamon's face, as we stepped into our familiar sanctuary was sombre, the same as mine. I thought I would feel healed, whole after dealing with my Coven but instead it left only more questions and more heartbreak, with the revelation that I was blinded and fooled by the one person I wasn't sure I could live without, I would have to try though. I still had Becca if she will have me and now, I have the Coven to focus my energy on. I could do

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why are the chapters repeating??? I thought my phone lagged.
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chapters 25 to 32 was a repeat. ...

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