Sei più carina di qualsiasi fiore, Carissima.


Bugatti Divo hypercar lined with luxury cars in a luxury mansion located at Fourth Fairfield, The Hamptons, New York. Inside is black with a light blue stripe underneath, showing Kay and Kim with different faces. Kay and Kim were wearing mock faces with the exact same accuracy that no one noticed they were wearing mock faces. Serves to protect their real face known to many people.

"Remember not to be too flashy." They could hear Kyra's voice from the earbuds in their ears.

"Especially you, Kim. Don't get drunk." Kyra continued.

Hearing what her sister said made Kim snort in annoyance. "Don't worry. I won't let my hypercar get damaged by drunkenness."

Kay just smiled and shook her head at her sister's interaction. Kim and Kyra are completely opposite. Kyra is the serious type. While Kim is the opposite. She really enjoyed her life so casually. So it's no wonder they often fight.

Finally Kay and Kim got out of the car. They saw elite people walking into the mansion. The clothes they wore obviously came from well-known designers around the world. As if this party is a place to show off whatever is attached to their body.

the federal design mansion looks so majestic. The building has maintained its beauty since decades. Has a high historical value.

Arriving at the front door, invited guests must show a special invitation that will be scanned by a tool to find out whether the name in the invitation is registered or not. Luckily Kay brought the invitation made by their very genius sister. so that when the officers scan it, they can make it in.

Entering the mansion like a palace, Kay and Kim were presented with a luxurious party scene with a circus performance as entertainment. Many people passed by in the large and spacious room. their job was to find Sean Johnson.

"Spread out." Said Kay walked away from Kim and chose the right side.

Kim, who likes parties, gave a big smile. Especially seeing the champagne passing in vain to take. Therefore, when a waiter passed, that woman took a glass from the tray. She drank it and enjoyed the deliciousness of the drink exploded in her mouth.

"Stop your stupid face." Kyra's voice ruined the atmosphere Kim had built up.

"How did you know I had a stupid face? I only had a camera in my bag." Kim pulled out a matching little black bag in her hand. There was a pea-sized camera camouflaged among the beads.

In her room, Kyra could see Kim's large face on the computer screen. The woman wearing the Hello Kitty pajamas shook her head at saw Kim's stupidity.

"You're too busy looking at Kay's burrito to hear if I've put up tiny cameras all over the room?"

Kay tried not to laugh so as not to attract anyone's attention. Meanwhile, Kim grant annoyance and puts her bag back on her arm.

"Stop bothering me and make yourself useful by finding out where our target is, Kyra." Kim grumbled.

"Without you saying, I was looking for him." Kyra uses her skills with his computer to find their target.

Kim returned to search, as well as Kay. The woman walked around the party area looking for a man with blonde hair. Kay had seen the photo that Kyra showed. But suddenly Kay accidentally crashed someone.

"Sorry. I ...." Kay's speech stopped when she saw the man in front of her.

The man looked so manly in his dark blue tuxedo. The man was a little taller than Kay. His messy brown hair and sideburns make him even more charming. Kay was very interested in the man's eyes. sky blue with a cold impression and looked very mysterious.

"You are okay?" His voice was so deep it sounded very strange. Not an American accent.

"Wow, He is so hot, Kay.  I'm sure the stuff is really hot too." Kay can hear Kim's voice from her earbuds.

"How about you taste it, Kay?" Kim's crazy suggestion.

"No ... Yes, I mean I'm fine." Kay cursed herself because she almost got caught talking to Kim.

Kay watched the man again. Kim is right that man is very charming. Can attract any woman and look dangerous at the same time.

"Are you sure, Signorina?"

"Signorina?" finally Kay knew where the strange accent of the man, "are you from Italy?"

"That's right. You must already know my accent isn't American."

Kay smiled because the man knew what was on her mind. "You're right. I'm trying to guess where that accent came from. Mi dispiace, Signore. Ti ho incontrato per sbaglio ... I'm sorry, Signore. I crashed into you."

"You can speak Italian?" The man narrowed his eyes.

"Just a little. I once had a friend from your country who taught me Italian."

"Friend or boyfriend?"

Kay laughed because the stranger thought Bella was her boyfriend. "No. She's a woman. She was my old school friend."

"I'm sorry, Signorina. I thought a woman as beautiful as you already has a boyfriend."

"What if I say I've never had a boyfriend?"

The man's laughter was heard. His heavy voice made Kay's blood rustle. Even Kay didn't know the man at all, but she already liked him. Kay knows this feeling is very dangerous.

"You must be kidding, Signorina. Sei più carina is qualified fiore, Carissima."

"What does that mean? I only know the part fiore which means flower." Kay is interested in the sentence that the man said. For Kay, Italian is a language with a million beauties.

"That means you are prettier than any flower, dear."

"You're good at seduction, Signore."

The man smiled. Making Kay's heart pounding. That smile is very beautiful.

"That's typical of Italian men, Carissima. We've talked but I don't know your name yet. I'm Logan Moretti." The man stretched out his hand.

"Katy Jackson." Kyra's voice whispered in his ear.

Kay replied to the man's hand. "Katy Jackson."

"So, Katy, will you dance with me?" Logan grabbed Kay's hand and kissed the back of her hand.

The burning sensation from Logan's lips spread all over Kay's body. The woman also imagined what if the warm and seductive lips touched all parts of her body. instantly Kay's body tingled thinking about it.

"Con piacere ... My pleasure, Signore."

Logan pulled Kay's hand toward the dance floor. Kay knew this was the wrong decision. She must go on a mission to find Sean Johnson. But Kay couldn't refuse it. Even though she felt that the man was dangerous, Kay still took a risk to be with Logan for a moment.

When their bodies stick together, it is as if their bodies match so well. They even move on the dance floor without caring for others. Because when their gazes met, the world seemed to revolve around them.

"Just my feelings or do you have a different eye color, Carissima?" ask Logan.

"I was born with a different eye color."

"Very unique."

"A lot of people say that. What are you doing here, Logan? I don't know if Alexandra also invited businessmen from outside."

"Looks like for that reason I feel very strange here. Alexandra invited me, she is my friend. How about you?"

"We are here for the same reason."

"Then we are meant to be together tonight, Carissima."

Kay curious how many women had surrendered in the man's arms. Logan is the perfect man. handsome, charming and has a sweet mouth that is able to make any woman who heard him give herself willingly.

"Looks like I'm going to find Sean alone." Kim said in Kay's ear.

"Then you are meant to be alone tonight, Kimisima." Kyra imitated Logan by making up a call for her sister.

Kay struggled not to laugh. If not, Logan would find out her purpose here was not the same as that man.

"Kimisima? Damn you, Kyra.Kay reminds me to give lessons to the youngest this insolent." Kim annoyed.

In the end Kim had to do her job alone. Let her sister really enjoy the party she never did. But it didn't take long, Kim found Sean Johnson. Having only taken a few steps, that woman could see her target. the blonde haired man who really made her nauseous.

The reason is that currently Sean is with two women. Their breasts pressed against Sean's body. And the blonde man really enjoyed it especially when the two women kissed his lips at the same time. seeing Sean's greed really made Kim want to throw up.

"How can Kay be luckier than me? She gets a hot guy and I get a greedy man."

Kyra chuckled to see what Kim saw from the camera in her sister's bag. "Then you are destined for a greedy man tonight, Kimisima."

Kim grunted angrily. Too bad her hopes of getting a target as handsome as Logan didn't come true. Finally the woman walked over to Sean. And the mission begins.


Oh, my God. Laugh at Kim's behavior. It's really funny with these three sisters. Kim will definitely be bullied, because she's the one who's the most self-indulgent ... Who has a brother like this? What do you do with siblings like Kim? Kick her, beat her or throw her overboard? 🤭🤭🤭🤭

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