Hey Readers!

Hope you all are doing fine. This is a new feature in the app that allows writers to add Author's note without fearing that Readers will have to pay just to read Authors telling them this and that. So...

I wanted to inform you all that there won't be an update today. I injured my hand earlier this week, that's why I write so slow these days. Things are not going that well either.

So sorry again for delaying another update but I will try to update two chapters tomorrow after writing them slowly and then editing them. Hope you all understand.

Also, Stay safe and take care of yourselves :)

P.S. If anyone of you would like to leave honest reviews about the book, do leave them under this chapter or you can leave them in the Reviews. I will definitely read them all. Thank you so much for always reading and supporting!


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Wanda Covert
Hope you feel better soon love the book god bless stay safe
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Best Mafia book I’ve ever read but Ana is stronger than all the crying she does. Very amazing storyline xx
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take care get well soon

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