Chapter 4- Meeting Him!

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Eleanor's POV

I woke up with sweating. When I saw the familiar ceiling I instantly relaxed.

When I'm about to get up , I found a figure laying totally on me. Exactly crushing me.

"Amy!", I called out. No reaction. If some stranger see her like this they probably mistake her as a dead one.

"Amelia", I called out again. Again No reaction. No breathing movements. 

That's it. Extending my hand to nightstand I took a glass of water and poured on her head.

Sudden jerk." WHAT THE HELL?", She sat up and searched for the attacker to launch herself and at last her eyes landed on me as I'm below her.

"Eleanor! You freaking little dumbass!!!! I watched over you for entire night and this is how you are waking me up", she shouted at her throat and took the water jug and poured on me.

I groaned. I don't like when someone splashed water on me.

She laughed hard seeing me and later I joined her. 

I smiled and opened my arms for a hug.

When she about to hug me I stood abruptly and ran into bathroom.

She fall flat on bed."ELEANOR". I laughed hard hearing her shouts.

She went into her room to get ready. 

When I finished dressing I called Cooper to bring breakfast for us.

Anita set the table and I asked her and cooper to join us for breakfast.

"Amy about the new project..", I started.

"Elie I'm moving in here from today", She said interrupting me.

I raised my brow at her. 

Amelia is the bestest thing ever happened in my life. When I joined school I sat next to her.

Being an introvert I never talked to anyone. Whereas she is a chirpy happy girl from child. 

She is the first one talked to me and stood up for me when anyone teased or bullied me for my personality.

To be frank she is the knight in shining armour for me. I don't know how she took me as her friend. 

And I don't know how we ended up together from kindergarten to till now.

She is an architect too. I wanted to be an architect from my middle school and she too chose it for my sake. 

That's what she said when I asked her. She never left me alone.

She moved out last year to take care of her mother who is sick. No I forced her to.

She knows I don't like being alone and she never left me alone. She loves me a lot. She is like a big sister that I never had in my life. If not for her I don't know how would I survived in this world.

"Because I don't want you to die here alone", her words brought me out of trance. I felt warm inside knowing the hidden meaning.

"So you will join me to death too", I smirked.

" That's what the best friends do", she giggled. I laughed at her words.

Amy never failed to amuse me. That girl knows how to hide her worries.

"Amy!! You go to company and gather a team I'll later let you know to join me where", I told and took keys and went to car.

It's already 10 in morning. I reached the company by 10:10 . Pretty fast!! I felt proud of me for driving this fast.

When I entered my cabin my father is already there.

"Eleanor, The deal has been signed. You and your team will be working in Parker's group for next 6 months. Don't worry. Father will take good care of the company in your absence", he beamed when he noticed me.

I can sense his happiness. Why can't he? He will get more money. His greedy for money will never fade.

I ignored him completely and went out and phoned Amy to come to Parker's.

I sighed. The next six months will be hectic. I took my car and went to Parker's.

I'm annoyed by the fact that Noah will be there. That stupid handsome devil will annoy me to hell.

If not for his handsome face ,I'll put a bullet on his head and will sing a song happily for him until he is dead.

When I entered I went straight into elevator and the people greeted me as they know me well. I reached the top floor.

I opened the door and came face to face with the devil himself as it is his office.

He smirked seeing me. He is so matured by now. Last time I saw him was at his graduation ceremony.

It has been 4 years already. He is more handsome by now.

"Hello! Ms.Vixen!, I heard people calling you that!!!", That dumb always getting on my nerves. 

Ignoring his smirk "Yeah! Mr.Devil! No!!! Mr.Manwhore!!, Heard from that same people ", I smirked. 

" You", he started.

"Guys! Is this something to brag about? You both are Crazy", Drake looked amused!! 

"Shut up!", Me and the devil said unison.

Drake laughed hard!!! What Drake????

"Drake why are you here?", I questioned.

"He is too joining us in this one", the devil answered for him.

"WHAT? And why the hell you are letting me know now", I glared at Noah.

" It slipped my mind", he rolled his eyes at my question.

"What?? No!No!", I said shaking my head.

"Drake! Better go out and come when I call you", I ordered him.

"No he is not going anywhere".

"Noah!!! You better not interrupt me. Drake! Go out!", I said again with force.

I better stop them before they meet each other or else I'll be dead.

"Why?", They both asked.

Before answering them I heard the familiar voice.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING HERE ELEANOR?", Amy barked standing next to the opened door.

A frustrated sigh escaped my mouth. "Elie. Meet me downstairs", with that she went out.

"This is Why I asked you to go out", I said pulling my hair with my hand.

Drake looked so sad. It's his fault. Let him suffer.

Ignoring them I went out for Amy.

This is going to be a another long day!! 

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