Chapter 5- I'm Saved!

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Eleanor's POV

We are now in cafe that is near to Parker's.

"I know that you have some worst past with him. But you shouldn't have reacted like that Amy", I said glaring at her.

"I know!! But Blue It's really hard for me to see him. I'm sorry I over reacted", Wiping her tears she put up a fake smile.

I felt sad for Amy!!! I know her mood by the name she calls me.She will call me Eleanor when she is angry, when she is clueless she calls me as Elie.

But when she is depressed or in deep pain or extremely happy she'll call me as Blue.

I don't know she knows that or not But I know her crystal clear.

"Amy! You can go back to company. I can manage", I Sighed.

She is uncomfortable. I better send her. But without her I can't control my emotions.

"Do you think I'll leave you for my so called ex. I know you are a mess without me. I'll manage", she said.

"What? Me A mess without you Don't overthink", I fake laughed.

She will make fun of me if I stayed silent that she stated the truth.

"Accept it Blue That you love me a lot", she is clearly enjoying my state.

"Amy!! Don't talk unless if you want to be fired",I smirked.

"Better we get back to work", she stood and walked out.

She knows I'm serious about her firing.

I laughed seeing her walking fast. I followed her to the building.

When I entered the office Noah and Drake are both with some files. And some other guy too.

My heel sound made them look at me.

"Mr. Parker! I apologize for the morning. It's already late. So What do you want from us? ", I said smiling taking the seat Infront of him.

"Ms. Anderson. It's perfectly Okay.And about the designs I want something different that my hotel should stand out from others as your company is known for it's uniqueness. You come up with design and I'll see if I wanted it or not", he finished with a smirk.

I know when he said different he really want something new. Seeing his smirk he will not accept anything until it catches his eye. It's more like this devil is challenging me.

I smirked. I like challenges and I'm very good at my work.

"Then We better start working. We'll submit our first set of designs in three weeks Mr. Parker", I finished shaking his hand. Amy, Drake and all other went out.

His hand is little rough but his hold send warmth to mine. His hand is too big for mine. I smirked back at him seeing his smirk. When I'm about to get out I heard him.

"Ms. Anderson. Your will be working in this cabin along with me".

His words caught me off guard. Why the hell I have to work with him. He knows that I like to have my privacy. I dislike working with any other unless it's Amy.

He really want to annoy me that much. God!! I hate him.

He is like this from our high school. When Amy and Drake dated I got introduced to Noah.

And you can Say I hate this guy from the start. He never failed to get on my nerves.

Stealing my assignment and making me to get full of words from my teacher.

Taking my pen before I enter exam hall, eating my food,stealing notes from my locker, making me getting detention for his doing and the list goes on. Every time I'll be fuming.

At the same time Amy is my best friend whereas to him it's Drake. Since they started dating We both have to see each other a lot.

I tolerate him only for Amy. But that girl will mock me saying that he likes me. I know it's a total lie. He and me. Never that's gonna happen.

I don't know why he likes to get on my nerves every time. What the hell is he getting by doing that? Only God knows!!

He is a senior to me but never behaved as a one. He is always like this spoiled child.

"Why?", I raised my brow at him while plastering a fake smile.

"Because I said so", his smile is taunting me. Now I know Why people call him as a devil.

"I have the upper hand here",I smiled.

"I know your dad very well", he smiled back. This jerk knows how to get me.

If someone sees from outside they will mistake us for a couple smiling sweetly to each other. But inside we are having a battle. We are far from friends.

"Then I look forward to work with you Mr. Parker". I moved to the table at the other end of the cabin.

I set my bag and relaxed back on the chair.

How the hell I'm going to deal with him for another six months??

After few minutes I opened my laptop and started working. Better I come with a best design to leave soon.

That dumb should stop staring at me before I go and strangle him to death.

Soon I engrossed myself in work.

And suddenly my mood went to zero hearing the voice of that person.

"My little sister",there stood Olivia sending me a creepy smile.

I instantly felt little scared of her smile. She use that smile when she beats me or do something even worse.

I casually brought my hands below the table to stop it's shaking.

Hiding my emotions and controlling myself "Hey Big sister", I called out with a fake smile that I put whenever I'm around her.

"Do you like my present last night?", her words made me angered.

"Sister!! Do give me something big as I'm grown now!!!I'm not the same little sister",I smiled back.

So she is the one to shut the power off. She likes that much to play with me. I want to kill her.

I will play along too my dear big sister.

"Okay little one. I'll give you something unforgettable. Wait for next time", her words made me anxious.

I'm soon about to lose my acting. I have to break her nose. Before I act the devil spoke.

"Hello Ms. Olivia. It's so good to meet you here. Will you join me for lunch as you are here. I would like to get to know more about you", his voice will definitely make Olivia to say yes.

"Sure. I'll join you", her sweet voice made me wanted to puke. Ignoring me completly they went out.

I slumped back at the chair and relaxed my nerves.

Did he do that to save me or is he really wanted to go with her.

Better I care about the result!!

That I'm saved before I reacted.

Love ❤️❤️ moniagnes

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