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*5 Years Later

Eleanor's POV

"Where the hell you are Noah?", I shouted as soon as I entered his office.

"Baby...What the..", he started laughing as soon as seeing my appearance.

"Shut up Noah", I screamed at top of my lungs.

"I...I...It's so funny..give me..a.sec..", he said in bit of his laughter.

" much as you want..I'm divorcing you and your kids", giving him a deadly glare I slouched in his seat.

His laugh was long gone.

"Are you serious?", He looked pale as a ghost.

"I'm dead serious Mr.Parker", closing my eyes I relaxed.

"No you can't be serious Mrs.Parker", my heart took it's pace hearing his dark voice.

It's so annoying. Now my heart would melt in his way.

This annoying little dumbass freak always using my weakness.

"Shut up Noah", opening my eyes I gasped seeing him trapping me with his hands on the chair I'm sitting in.

His eyes looked ten times darker.

"What are you..", before I could completed he attacked my lips with his.

I moaned in satisfaction.

God I love this undeniable feeling no matter how much I'm mad at him.

I don't know how we ended up in this position.Now I'm in his lap while him in chair.

"I love you Noah", I pecked his lips.

"I love you Blue", he attacked my swollen lips again.

After our long love making session he spoke.

"Now tell me, what happened?", He asked while rubbing my waist to calm me.

I relaxed into his touch.

"Kids gave me hard time", hugging him I snuggled inhaling his manly scent.

My home.

"What did they do this time other than painting your hair?", He sighed.

His hands started to play with my hair.

"See..they ruined my hair.. Rhea dumped orange paint when I took nap in couch", I told him while taking my hair in hands.

It will at least take three days to remove paint from my hair.

"Out of all colour Noah she chose this damn orange", I felt irritated seeing the colour more. I don't like orange.

"And?", He inquired further.

"You know I was working late night last night. I came to bed around four in morning. Ryan wanted to use his prank on me. He kept ten alarm under our bed. All started to ring on six. I was going mad", I was screaming right now in exhaustion.

"And River he hidden the files of today's contract for three hours", they really gave me hard time today.

"I'll speak to them", Noah calmed me.

Me and Noah gave birth to triplets Ryan,River and Rhea after a year of our wedding.

They are four years two months old now.

Ryan and Rhea has blue eyes like me while River inherited his dad's brown one.

Ryan and River are exactly like his dad looking extremely handsome.

And coming to my little angel Rhea was like me.

Ryan is the loudest trouble maker and the oldest one. River is the silent trouble maker who likes to hide important things,objects making others go crazy. Rhea loves to paint and little princess of our home.She had little complications when she was born. Thank god...everything is fine now. She is healthy now. You have to be extra careful around her. She loves to paint others hair, toes,face. Trust me she will chose the most weird colour to paint you.

The siblings love each other and if they joined hands like today the home will turn upside down.

Ryan loves his sibling lot. He takes care of them whenever we go out. He is the possessive one among all.

I love my kids equally. The gem of my life.

When I learned about my pregnancy I was getting this unknown unexplainable feeling. Happiness,warmth spread to my heart. I was looking at my belly in mirror and talked to baby.

"Thank you for choosing me as your mother,baby. I promise you I'll be the best mother to you. And your are lucky to get him as your father. He treats mommy so good..when I tell him about you..he will be extremely happy. He will protect you and me",I don't know about triplets then.

I was scared when we are going to have triplets. Noah,his family and my family helped me a lot. Especially my mom she was there for me all the time.

Noah, My love for him grown hundred times more when we were pregnant.

I was getting constant mood swings and drove him crazy like waking him up in three in morning and asking me to get mangoes.

Then not letting him inside home in rainy night for getting late to home by just two seconds. And I started to cry like there is no tomorrow in guilty because I made him stand outside in rain.

He was understanding and gave me extra care. My pregnancy harmones were at peak making me a mad woman.

When I my water broke Noah was looking at me like an alien. He don't know what he should do.

Where I screamed at him to snap out of his world. "You annoying little dumbass freak..the X,Y,Z are coming out. You have to take me to hospital. Don't stand there and gawk at me. Take me to hospital".

I still remember how I screamed at him.

We haven't chosen the kids names at that time so we followed how doctor called the kids X,Y,Z.

"Let's go home", he took my hands and we went home.

These five years brought a different side of me when I have a family of my own.

Balancing love life, taking care of kids, work load was little tough yet I'm doing my best.

When we reached home I tried to put my face stone hard.

"Daddy", Rhea launched herself in her dad's hands.

I watched how Noah's face beamed with a happiness seeing our little bundle of joy.

She looked at me while I ignored her.

"Mommy...", A cute little voice of hers called me.

Her eyes twinkled with mischievousness.

She will become a great actress for sure.

"I  sorrwy...", Her cheeks turned red and her eyes started watering.

I badly wanted to continue my act.. but seeing her made my heart melt.

"Come here my poor baby", I got her in my hands and kissed her all the face.

Her giggles filled in air.

God she is an angel.

Not wasting any second she sticked something in my hair.

When I touched my hair's a gum.

"Not again...Rhea", I was about to cry.

"Rhea...say sorry to your mom right now", Noah's commanding voice made Rhea cry louder.

He would use this voice whenever kids misbehave.

He was so good to kid's at the same time he would be very strict to not to spoil them more.

"I...I'm sorrwy... mommy..", Now it was my time to calm her.

"'s okay's okay.. now stop crying..mommy is going to be sad..if you don't stop crying", I said softly making her seize her cries.

"Daddy...", The little boys came running fast.

When Noah throwed his signature glare... they stopped and giggled.

"Ryan And River...I have to talk to you both...follow me to my study", he informed.

Giving me a peck he walked upstairs while the kids looked totally serious.

"If I were you..I would be already standing in room and waiting for him", now it's my turn to tease them.

"Mommy...", They screamed in annoyance and ran upstairs.

Noah would always take boys and have this man to man talk. He won't tell me what they talked about. But the boys behave good after his talk.

"Baby, How about a movie?", I asked Rhea while her eyes shone.

"Yeah..yeah..", she started shouting in air.

"Wait for me in theatre room...mommy will  be there after my shower", I let her down.

"Pick any movie you want baby".

"Yes..yes mommy..I love you", she danced a little and ran upstairs.

After our wedding Noah surprised me with a Mansion.

The mansion is so so big with about 13 bedrooms, 1 main big hall that can accommodate 200 people once, 2 office rooms,3 theatre rooms, 2 indoor pool , 3 outdoor pool,3 game room for kids,2 outdoor ground  and garden. 

I was totally surprised.

He gave me all I want. Beautiful kids.. beautiful love.. beautiful life.

My phone rang.

"Hey Amy", I sang bored.

You know guys Drake and Any got married two months before us.

Her wedding was so crazy.

She literally asked me to elope with her because she was scared that she might ruin her day.

I thought she was trying something funny.

But she was damn serious.

She tried to convince me to elope with her. She was Craziest on that day.

God that's was literally scary.

"Blue... Apparently My son want to see her girlfriend Rhea. So I'm going your home tonight", she informed and sighed.

"When did Rhea became Ezekiel's girlfriend?", I asked interesting.

Ezekiel is 4 years 9 months old. He is so beautiful and matured one.

And he loves Rhea so much. Puppy love.

Amy badly wanted to ship them. If not for us she would have already married my daughter with her son.

And she was also blessed with a beautiful girl baby. She is 3 years old.

Her name is  Zoe. My boys were totally smitten with her.

The last thing I want is my boys fighting for Zoe. But I'm sure it's going to happen any time soon.

"See you soon Blue", she ended the call ignoring my question.

I showered and dressed.

When I entered theatre Rhea was already watching Tangled.

She is a great fan of Tangled. She wanted to be the princess trapped in a castle and her prince will be the one to save her.

I sat next to her..while she cuddled with me.

Not long after she slept.

If you want to make Rhea sleep you want to make her watch movie. If you ask her to sleep... then you should totally forget about sleeping. She would do exactly opposite we say... Except movie.

I walked downstairs while Noah was cooking something.

I hugged him from behind. He is so warm.

I snuggled more to inhale his scent.

He stopped whatever he was doing and gave me full attention.

His gaze was darker.

"Not now.. Noah...Amy and Drake is going to come any second..", I warned fakely.

"Then you shouldn't have hugged and turned me on babe...", He teased. 

His hands went under my shirt and stopped at my waist rubbing it making me moan.

"Let me get a taste of you..huh?", He asked smirking seeing my reaction towards his touch.

"Don't ruin my hair", I warned.

With that he attacked my lips while I giggled.

He took me and made me sat in counter.

Standing in between my legs.. he kissed me in a passionate yet roughly..

Now it's his turn to attack my neck.

When he kissed my sweet spot I moaned in satisfaction.

Before he could get any further ..the door bell rang...

"You ruined my hair Noah", I glared at him.

Fixing my hair and dress I walked to door.

I saw Ezekiel and Zoe running towards me.

"Aunt Blue", they hugged my legs tightly making me stumble.

Noah caught me in right time.

"Hey my babies... missed me?", I asked smiling kissing their forehead.

"Yes..yes..", they squealed in happiness.

"Hey my little champs",Noah hugged them and kids ran inside.

"Hey Amy", I hugged her.

She looked super beautiful.

"My Blue", she hugged me really tight.

"Hey man", Noah and Drake exchanged their greetings.

"How is everything going?", Amy asked when we were seated.

I snuggled more into Noah's chest and answered happily.

"Better", I answered.

"How was yours?", I asked her.

"Best", she replied which made us laugh together.

Amy and Drake started their Own company A&D. Now it's one of the top one in the country withing three years.

I was so happy for them.

While me and Noah merged Parker and Anderson into one and we were working our ass off to make it number one in world.

Blue Architects was still with me and Amy.

"How is Olivia?", She asked making Noah stiff.

"She is doing good in rehab. She would be home next week", I answered.

Taking my request Olivia helped herself with Rehab.

Noah and Amy don't believe her still.

But I'm trying my best to connect them.

She was changing for good. Kids too love their Aunt.

My phone rang.

"Who is it?", Drake asked.

"It's Ryder", I smiled and turned on video call.

"Hey Princess", he shouted in happiness.

"Hey King", Amy took my phone from mine and answered him.

"Give my phone to princess..", Ryder whined.

"Where is Claire?", She asked about his wife.

Yes guys...he married the girl he met on road.

Claire is such a sweet girl. They got married two years back after lot of struggles.

Now they are blessed with a beautiful baby boy Ian..the next king of England.

"Claire is taking care of Ian..Amy.. now pass the phone to Blue", he begged.

"Call her Mrs.Noah", the jealous husband of me literally growled in the phone.

"Of course Mr.Noah", Ryder rolled his eyes at Noah's possessiveness.

Noah and Ryder solved their issues with them and became thick friends.

While I'm happy seeing Ryder moved on and found his right girl.

Now we are best friends.

"I asked you to get the limited edition wallet for me", Amy glared at him.

"Stop whining will be receiving the package in next two days", Ryder said annoyed.

"I asked you to not to get her whatever she asks. It's my duty to spoil my wife", Drake huffed and glared at Ryder.

"Well your wife was pestering me even in my court", Ryder teased.

"Baby...I'm sorry", Amy apologized to Drake.

"No Amy.. you didn't ask me to get that for you", he looked sad.

"Well sometimes you wanted to pester your friends to get something for you. I wanted to enjoy that feeling after long time",  Amy showed her innocence.

Shoot. Drake fell for it.

"Next time it's me you have to ask things for", he told and kissed her.

"Stop your PDA guys. I have to go now. Well guys there is a party next week. I want all of you to attend it. Bye Princess..I have to go...tell the kids I'm missing them badly Amy...Bye Man..and Bye Drake..stop sulking", he teased Drake and ended the call.

"He is working his ass off to maintain the balance man", Drake told Noah.

"Well aren't we too?", Noah replied and kissed my forehead.

Taking the sip of wine We relaxed and talked further.

Life is so beautiful if we view it in a positive attitude. 

Love is the strongest words that would make anyone crazy. My love for my Noah and for my kids made me into a strongest woman making me protect them from evil.

I hope my life would be this peaceful as always. If I haven't allowed myself to fall in love with Noah I wouldn't be here. I learnt a lot.

Sometimes it's okay to take chances when there is nothing to lose. Sometimes it's okay to be carefree. Sometimes it's okay to feel weak. Sometime it's okay to cry.

What a woman wants more than a loving husband, caring friends, beautiful kids.

A woman's life is the simplest one. Noah was the second best thing happened in my life. If not for Amy I wouldn't be a human.

"I love you Noah", I kissed him.

"I love you Blue", he let me kiss him.

I kissed him slowly. My hairs stood straight.

"Mommy..", the shout of our boys made us jump.

"What happened babies?", I asked turning to them. 

"They made mess again", Noah sighed.

"Mommy Zoe is for me right?", Ryan's question made me gasp.

"No mommy. Zoe is mine", River said calmly.

"Guys..stop it", I said embarrassing while Amy and Drake laughed happily.

"Mommy tell me now", they both shouted.

Ezekiel and Rhea came into sight.

"Mommy I want to Marry Rhea right now", Ezekiel's words made Rhea nod happily.

"Gladly babies", Amy answered.

"Stop it Amy", I glared at her.

"Kids these days", I don't know how to answer them now.

We all laughed seeing thier cuteness.

Life is so simple yet vibrant. Let your actions decide your life. Let your positivity make your life shine. 

Everything will fall into place if you love yourself.

Love yourself guys. Not everyone can be unique as you.

Love is a miracle.

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