43. Confession

            "Stop!" Marcus said in a low and steady voice.

"Why are you so much in hurry Dyna? I think we should...we should spend some more time together before. Before...before getting closer." He said taking a step away from her.

"But I don't' think so," Dyna replied taking a step forward to him.

Sniffing her lust Marcus treads towards his wardrobe, and took a pair of black jeans and a white slim-fit V-neck t-shirt to wear.

Dyna half laid on his bed continuously stare at him...licking her lips...

Marcus threw the towel on the chair and put on the jeans.

He then moved to his dressing mirror and start brushing his hair.

"I must say you look dashing in every attire. Handsome," Dyna complimented lazily walking to him.

Marcus gave her a grin and "you look disgusting saying me that," he said in his head.

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