46. Lucifer

Draco thought for a while and everyone was also shocked to see this family drama of the dragons. Everyone started whispering...

Draco looking at the guest disturbing expressions, unwillingly handed the crown to his father-in-law faking a smile.

"You win father-in-law fetching my children," Draco said gritting his teeth in anger.

Zohan took a step forward and takes the crowns from Draco's hands...his eyes glowered looking at the sparkling crown.

He raised the crown over Lucifer's head, Lucifer slightly leans his head so that Zohan can put on the crown on his head.

Zohan looked at Dyna. Dyna nodded smirking.

Zohan grins and he slightly raised the crown towards Lucifer's head.

Draco pulse was increasing with every moment of the crown.

"Do it fast, you old man." Draco impatiently shouted.

Zohan looked at Draco, h

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