BUZZ: A Titan Kings MC Novel TWO
BUZZ: A Titan Kings MC Novel TWO
Author: R L Dickinson

Chapter One- Ryan


Chapter 1


6 years ago

It was my first year in Caltech university studying computer science. I already knew most of the shit that was being taught but I needed it on paper. I could have taught this class myself when I was 12. I had skipped two years in high school and started college at 16, so I was younger than most of the student body. Putting it mildly? I am a mother-fucking genius.

I loved computers and that technical side of things. I didn’t have a computer growing up, but the teacher who taught us computing in school let me use the old one in their classroom during free periods and lunch time. I started watching videos online and reading books about how to do things, the IT teacher, Mr. Blake, was pretty cool too. He would help me when I asked him about anything.

I first found that I had a talent for hacking when I was 13. The bank had taken the last bit out of my mom’s bank account because of bullshit charges, so I hacked in and got it back. It was only $27, so I don’t think they even knew it was gone.

I grew up in one of the shittiest and poorest areas in the whole of America. Winston Heights, Texas. Every day, we heard of someone dying of starvation. The old, the young and the infants. It hit anyone. It was just my mom and me. My deadbeat “dad” had walked out on us when I was still in diapers. My mom had to work 2 jobs just to keep the roof over our heads. A sixteen-year-old chick who used to sneak her boyfriend in, used to babysit me when my mom worked late. They used to get up to all sorts when I was in another room- I knew what a blowjob looked like when I was nine. They really didn’t care that I was still awake, whenever they felt like it, they would fuck.

I was 9 years old when my teacher, Mrs. Booth, realized that I was advanced and bumped me up a grade. Then I was bumped up again in tenth grade. All my classmates were 15, I was still 13, so I didn’t have any friends in school.

I didn’t care about shit like that. I went to school, I was taught basic shit that I already knew, and then went home for a cheese sandwich and a packet of ramen or a tin of beans for tea. My mom was never there to make tea, she was always at her second job, and wouldn’t get home until around 8pm. We weren’t ridiculously poor; we were doing better than the majority of Winston. My mom was able to pay all the bills on time and we always had food in the cupboard. It wasn’t great food, but still, at least it was edible. I was a growing lad, constantly fucking hungry.

I continued the trend of a cheese sandwich and a bowl of ramen or a tin of beans after I left home to attend the most prestigious college for geniuses, such as yours fucking truly. There were a few kids in my class that were equally as good as I was, but I also had numbers. I was a god damned human fucking calculator. It was fucking crazy how quick I could do math. I could recite the first 300 digits of pi without even having to think about it. Who the fuck needed to know pi though, it was something I would probably never even use.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left college. I needed a job, I needed money. I needed to stay the fuck away from Winston Heights and I needed my mom to get out of there too. I wouldn’t have been able to attend college without my “scholarship”. The fuckers didn’t even want me at first. I had no proof, but I was certain it was because of where I was from.

I got my acceptance letter from Caltech a few days before the rejection letters started coming in for a scholarship. I had applied to more than 30 companies, I had a letter of recommendation from my guidance counsellor from school, also had a handwritten letter of recommendation from the head teacher. Didn’t fucking matter though. Those fuckers would have taken one look where I was from and put it in the ‘fuck no’ pile.

I started researching the companies again straight away, and when I found the company with the biggest annual turnover and the CEO who looked like a fat cunt, I decided that was the one who would give me my scholarship. Yeah, I was breaking the law, which I said I wouldn’t do, but I had no choice. I’d be stuck here forever if I didn’t attend college. So, I hacked their computers. In my defense, it was the easiest system I’ve ever hacked. Their security was shit. I managed to find the documents I needed and added my name to the middle of the list. I wasn’t putting it at the bottom, more chance of being caught. I’m not fucking stupid which we have already established.

 A week later, I got the letter accepting my application for a scholarship. I was going to fucking Caltech university. My mom cried. She couldn’t stop telling me how proud she was. Yeah, I was a big fucking tough man, but not when it came to Miss Cobain. She was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. She knew how smart I was from the age of 2. I had done some shit that I don’t even remember, but apparently, I shouldn’t have been able to do it until I was 8 or something.

I was in my bedroom packing my shit to go to college when my mom knocked on my door. “Baby? Can I come in?” She asked. I walked to the door and pulled it open. She held 2 mugs in her hands and had an envelope tucked under her arm. She came in and sat down on the bed (checking first- like I said, I’m a growing man and had needs), and then handed one of the mugs to me. “Ok, Ryan, before you go off to college, I wanted to give you something. I’ve been saving up whatever I could after I paid the bills and groceries, it isn’t much but hopefully it will help you until you get a job.” She passed the envelope to me.  I opened the envelope and a shit load of bills fell out. There must have been around 2G’s.

“What the fuck mom?!?” I yelled. “Where the fuck did you get this?” “First, watch your language, you know I don’t like you speaking to me like that. Secondly, I just told you. I haven’t been buying much for the last few years. I was trying to save up anyway, but when you kept skipping grades, I had to save a bit more. I haven’t wasted a dime, whatever I had left in my purse, went to your college fund.” I was speechless. I don’t think I had ever been lost for words. My mom had gone without for the last few years, just so I had some money to get me by till I got a job. I dropped the cash on my bed and pulled her up. I could feel my eyes filling up, I wasn’t a pussy, by all means, but this shit touched me.


Thank you all for reading chapter 1 of Buzz!

This is book two of the series, The Titan Kings MC.

Please make sure to check out book one, Axel, only available on

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Debbie Proffer
I read ink first then axel now this need a few more
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Michele Holland
I didn't know there was a book 1. Thanks for the info. I'm going to look it up.
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Joan Vittorelli
I enjoyed book 1 .. Axel ... so I am hoping this one is just as good .. (note to author.. if you continue this series .. would LOVE to read about Rider)

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