Chapter 2- Ryan

Chapter 2


I moved to a college dorm two weeks later, my mom was able to get the time off work so she could help me move in. I hated it when she cried as she was leaving. I started my first class soon after. They were surprisingly hard. I didn’t struggle with them, but it was the first time I had to actually think about something I was being taught. Shit just came naturally to me. I was housed with another first year, Oliver, he was 18, but didn’t seem to care that I was only 16. He gave me a beer on our first night. Because I had spent the last few years with people older than me, I was more mature than most guys my age.

Before I knew it, it was Christmas. I was able to fly home for the holidays. I worked in a coffee shop near to my dorms, I was pretty lucky that I didn’t have a lot saved up. I needed a job quicker than a lot of the other students, so when I went in the local coffee shop near my dorm, looking for a job, the manager hired me pretty much straight away.

I was in work one day, a week before I was due to fly home, when a girl walked in. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. She was small, not tiny, she was probably around 5,3. She had blonde hair, cut to her shoulders. But it was her eyes which almost made me weak. They were turquoise, I hadn’t seen the sea myself, but from what I’ve seen from pictures, they were the same color. She was completely beautiful.

She walked to the counter waiting to be served. She walked right up to me, completely oblivious to the fact that I couldn’t stop staring at her with a stupid fucking grin on my face, I swear, if I saw any one drooling over a girl the way  I was, I’d fucking bitch slap them. “Hi, can I have two pumpkin spice lattes please?” She asked. She had a Texan twang too, and I had an in. “Course sugar, you need anything else?” Yes, I was ashamed that I had really put on the drawl, but I wanted her to hear it. She smiled, “you from Texas too? You’re a long way from home,” she stated. Fucking yes. “Yeah I am sugar. And I guess you are too?” “Yep” she nodded. I tried to start a conversation with her as I made her drinks, “so do you go to school here, darlin’?” “Yeah, I’m a first year. You?” “Yeah, I’m in my first year too.”

I didn’t even notice the guy who walked in to stand next to her. Fucking chump. Skinny, dark hair, dark eyes, looked like a fucking pussy. He walked over to her and put his arm around her waist and pulled her in to kiss her head. All the while, his fucking eyes didn’t leave mine. Like the bitch was fucking claiming her in front of me. Like that would stop me, I laughed out loud.

“Something funny?” he asked. “No not at all sir… I was just thinking about something that made me laugh.” I bought my attention back to the girl. I was begging him in my head to say her name, I needed to know it. “Ok sweetheart, that is $2.25.” “$2.25? You’ve only charged for one?” She asked. I leant forward so I was close to her ear “pretty girls get theirs for free today.” I smiled, she blushed. Fucking gorgeous. “Oh yeah? How many times you used that line today already?” she asked, smiling. “First time I’ve ever used it, pretty girl.” I smiled.

He made some sort of fucking huffing noise, he sounded like a fucking toddler on the verge of a temper tantrum. She pulled him away as they went to take a seat. I moved on to the next customer but kept stealing glances every time I could. I could feel her eyes on me whenever I was serving another customer. At least I’ve pissed her boyfriend off, I thought as I chuckled to myself.

Her boyfriend came to the counter about half an hour later to order another one. He wasn’t really chatty. He was charged for both drinks though. “I thought pretty girls didn’t have to pay for their drinks?” He mocked. “Are you a pretty girl?” I asked. His face darkened in anger, as he swore and tossed a five-dollar bill on the counter. “Keep the change” he muttered before walking away. Fucking idiot.

She came back every day after that. Sometimes she was with the idiot. Sometimes she was with another chick. The friend flirted shamelessly with me whilst my girl looked on. I could see she was pissed, but I loved how jealous she was, so I kept it up. I didn’t think her friend was too interested though. I think she was teasing her friend trying to make her jealous.

It was soon the day before my flight, I was working my last shift when her friend came in. I was watching the door waiting to see if my girl walked in behind her. I hoped my disappointment didn’t show, but it must have, because her friend grinned slyly. She sauntered over to the counter. “Hey, can we talk?” She asked. “Sure, Gray?” “Yeah?” came Gray’s voice from the back room. “I need 5, can you cover?” He had only been there for a month, but he was doing well. He was good with the customers and a quick learner, so I wasn’t too worried.

I walked over to the table where she sat. “What’s up?” I asked. I thought this the safest way to start the conversation. I didn’t even know the chick’s name. “Sit down.” She ordered. “Watch your tone sweetheart. I don’t think you want to be demanding things now.” I warned. “Sorry, you’re right. I apologize.” She said, making sure her tone was a lot more polite this time. “Better.” I said, pulling out the chair and sitting down. “What’s your name?” She asked. “Ryan. Yours?” “Emmy” “And your friends name?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t hear the desperation in my tone. I needed to know her name. I’d had jerked off every fucking night to this girl and I didn’t even know her name. She fucking smirked like she knew exactly where my thoughts were. “Julia.” She answered after making me wait for a few uncomfortable minutes. I nodded gratefully, but inside; I could feel my stomach flip. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

“She likes you.” She said, catching me off guard. “How can she like me when she brings that fucking pussy with her all the time? He’s like a fucking lap dog, constantly fucking sniffing her. I bet he fucks like one too.” She snorted and laughed out loud. “Ha! That’s fucking hilarious.” She said after a minute. “Yeah, Riley is her boyfriend but between you and me, I don’t think it will last. You see, she met another guy. He’s sweet, he’s hot and he works in a coffee shop. She has been coming in more often since she met you, did you notice? This isn’t even her local. She lives on the other side of campus. She treks and extra 20 minutes just so she can see you. I don’t think it will be long before she’s single again, you get me?”

I was instantly suspicious. I didn’t look like all these preppy fuckers. I spent as much time working out as I could when I was younger, and now I am in the onsite gym every night. I am no skinny fuck. My hair is shaved, and I have stubble on my chin because I hate to shave, and I look like a fucking prepubescent boy without it. In short, I was rough and tumble, where her currently fuck isn’t, with his pussy boy band hair style and tiny fucking arms. I could crush him, literally. Why would her best friend want her to be with me and not him?

“Why are you telling me?” I asked. “Because she wants you! She doesn’t want him. She likes men, proper men, with beards, tattoos and muscles. She met him on the first day at campus. She didn’t know anyone else, so she agreed to a date, then they just carried on. She doesn’t even like him that much. He relies too much on his mommy’s money. He doesn’t work and he moans when she does. He doesn’t want her to be independent, he wants her in his pocket constantly and that’s just not who she is.” I nodded once. “Is that everything?” I asked. She looked shocked that I didn’t want to carry on this conversation. I didn’t know what the fuck to do and I needed to think. “Erm, sure. Yeah!” “Ok, later.”

I stood up and walked back to the counter. “Don’t you want her number?” She called. I stopped. “Not unless she gives it to me herself.” I said, continuing to the back. I needed some time to think. “You ok here for 5 more?” I asked Gray. He nodded as I walked through to the back. I needed to fucking think.

***Authors note****

So, what do you all think about Julia? Ryan likes her, and now we find out the feeling is mutual, thanks to Emmy!

What do you think so far? Leave a comment xoxo

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Maxima Mastrile
I already read Axle ( book one) I started reading this book two now..............
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Leslie Dean
Ryan is smart and so into Julia! I loved Axel and love this book so far! ūüíěūü•į

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