Chapter 4- Ryan

Chapter 4


It had been around 4 weeks since I saw Julia. It was strange but I missed her. I had barely spoken to her. Yet I fucking missed her. I was desperate for her to come back into the coffee shop. I looked up every time the door dinged, announcing a new customer. I could slap the shit out of myself sometimes.

I had been back for around a week when I saw her again. I didn’t see her in the coffee shop- no. I saw her around campus. I hadn’t seen her round campus before. I decided to be creepy as fuck and follow her. I didn’t know what her major was, I didn’t know her professors. I didn’t know anything about her. I crept behind her as silently as I could, I mean, not right behind her. I would definitely get caught that way. I hung back a bit, always making sure there were a few people between us. That way, if she turned around, I could pretend I hadn’t seen her. She walked into an economics classroom. Huh. I didn’t expect her to be interested in that.

I was just about to turn around when she spotted me. I didn’t even react quick enough, so it looked like a complete fucking coincidence. Fucking amateur. She smiled. I could see that she was debating on whether to come and talk to me or just leave. She checked the time on her cell. Deciding she had enough time, she walked over to me. “Fancy seeing you here!” She smirked. “Errr….” Fuck! I couldn’t even think of a fucking lie!!! Fucking idiot. “I got lost?” Why am I asking the fucking question? I can actually feel by balls shriveling up and dying with embarrassment. Cunt. “Are you asking me if you got lost?” She teased, her voice laced with amusement. “Fuck. Ok yeah, I followed you. I hadn’t seen you in weeks and I didn’t know if you were ok. I saw you and decided to follow you.” Honesty is the best policy and all that shit! I don’t even recognize myself right now. “So, you followed me? Why didn’t you just ask?” “Because I didn’t know if it was me you were avoiding.” “Ah.” She said. We stood together as an awkward silence brushed upon us. “I’m sorry, I haven’t been avoiding you. Well I have, but it’s nothing you’ve done.” She tried clarifying but just fucking confused me even more. Her friend said she liked me, then she didn’t come in for four weeks, now she’s saying she’s avoiding me but not because of what I had done. This is why people stayed single, it was too fucking confusing. “Are you busy now?” She asked suddenly. “Er, no, I’m not, but aren’t you going into class?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “Oh, shoot, yeah I am. How about after class?” I laughed. This chick was hilarious. “I’m free.” “Ok, meet me back here in an hour and we can go for a coffee and talk.” “Sure. I’ll be here.” I sat down in the corridor, there were no seats, so I just parked my ass on the floor. She laughed and walked into the classroom.

I waited patiently for an hour until her class was dismissed. I couldn’t wait to talk to her. In the hour that I had been waiting, my brain thought of every scenario, why she had been avoiding me, why she wanted to talk now, why she disappeared. And why did she seem flustered as hell when she was talking to me? Then another thought suddenly dawned on me. Is this a date? Fuck! I’m wearing a pair of fucking light colored jeans and a band t-shirt with my sneakers. I should have gone home to change! Shit! I jumped up, wondering if I had time to go home and change just as the door opened. She was the first one out.

“You waited here all this time?” She asked, blushing. “Erm, yeah.” I answered, checking to make sure nobody else was here to witness the biggest fucking pussy bitch moment in my life. Safe. “Sure did beautiful. Where do you wanna go?” I asked, taking her bag from her. “You don’t have to carry that.” She said, trying to get her bag back. “Does your boyfriend not carry your bag for you?” I asked, puzzled. “Errr, no, he doesn’t.” I stopped, shock registering on my face. “What kinda fucking man is that pussy?” I asked. “He doesn’t carry your school bag? Fucking muppet.” I finished. She laughed. “No, he doesn’t, but that’s because I can carry it myself.” She argued, trying to reach it again. “No baby, when you’re with me, you’re treated like the Queen that you are. You don’t have to do shit.” She froze. “Are you ok?” I asked. “Yeah. You called me a Queen.” I answered. “Yeah…?” I waited patiently for her to continue. She smiled at me; I swear my fucking heart stopped for a second. She was beautiful. Perfect. She will be mine. “You ready?” She asked. I nodded as we walked through the campus. Carrying her bag and holding her hand. Fucking whipped.

We walked the five minutes to the other coffee shop. This one was closer; and I wasn’t going to my place of work on my day off. I found us some seats and sat her down, I asked if she wanted her usual. “You remember what I like?” I looked at her like she was talking French. “Yeah of course I fucking do, come on baby.” She laughed. “Yeah I’ll have my usual please.” She said. I walked to the counter and ordered our drinks and some croissants to go with them. I sat back down a few minutes later. “Here you go. Now, are you gonna tell me why you froze when I called you a Queen?” I asked. “You reminded me of my brother. He always said he wanted to find his Queen. He was a biker, but he was a good one, part of a good club. They were respectful. He wanted to find his Queen, make her his old lady before marrying her and having kids.” She finished. “You said was?” She nodded slightly. “Yeah, he died last year.” I reached across the table and took her hand, I felt little electric shocks shooting up my wrist and arm. By the look on her face, she felt it too. “I’m sorry baby, I really am.” I tried to be sincere, I was really sorry she lost her brother. “Do you have any more siblings?” I asked. “Yeah, I have another older brother, James. He is in the same club.”  “I wanted to be in a biker club when I was younger, I always asked my mom for a motorbike for every Christmas and birthday. Never got one.” “I’m sorry.” She said, I could see she meant it. “Don’t be. I was six the last time I asked, I was too young.” I laughed and she laughed along with me. This felt so fucking normal. I realized I hadn’t stopped smiling since she came out of her classroom. I felt more relaxed and comfortable with her than I had ever felt with anyone else. We stayed for another hour talking about our lives. I told her about my mom and non-existent father. I told her about Winston Heights, she told me about her family and where she grew up. Turns out, she had lived a few towns over from me. She told me about her moving to North Carolina. She said she liked it more than Texas. We talked about Riley. I fucking hated him.

“I like you.” She said suddenly. “I like you too.” I replied. She smiled. “But I’m with Riley. He hasn’t done anything wrong so I can’t just dump him for no reason. It’s not fair.” I actually felt my heart break. This whole time, I thought she had wanted to be with me. I thought she felt what I was feeling. “I don’t get it.” I said, “why would you sit here with me, holding my hand, flirting with me all this time, if you had no intention on being with me? I told you I like you; I haven’t met a girl like you before. You’re beautiful, passionate, smart and funny. I thought we were on the same page here?” I asked, standing up. “We are on the same page!” She argued. “But I met Riley first. I won’t just break up with him. This is why I had avoided the coffee shop. I had feelings for you before I even knew your name. I was confused and felt guilty about Riley. I just want to be friends right now.” “Just friends? Fine, I’ll be the best fucking friend you ever had.” I placed some money on the table and walked away. It was a shitty thing to do but I couldn’t look at her any longer without kissing her. It had taken every bit of me not to kiss her straight away. Now it was even harder.

I walked back to my dorm room. My roommate Oliver was there. “Hey.” He said as I walked in. “Hey.” I replied. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “I’m pissed. I need a drink.” I muttered, walking to the fridge. “1 beer left? Fuck.” I grabbed the bottle and went to sit down on the sofa. “Bad day?” he asked. “Something like that.” I muttered. “I know what will make you feel better. There’s a party at one of the sororities. You should come with me.” I didn’t know whether to trust Oliver or not. In the 4 months we had lived together, he had spent most of that time drunk or at parties. Or fucking some girl loudly in our dorm. He had a reputation. I couldn’t give two fucks about it really, I just didn’t want girls falling all over me with their pussies hanging out, just because I came with him. Then again, maybe that’s what I needed. Julia had made it clear that she is sticking with that fruit cake. Maybe it’s time to move on.

 As I deliberated, Oliver stood up. “I’m leaving in five minutes if you wanna come with. I know some girls who will pull their panties down for you just for looking at them.” “Fine, yeah I’ll be there. I’ll just go and change my t-shirt.” I headed into my room and grabbed the first top I saw. It was a grey and navy striped shirt. I threw it on, also deciding on changing my jeans and sneakers and headed for the bathroom to quickly swirl some mouthwash around my mouth. I didn’t care really but kissing someone who had bad breath was a turn off. I was ready to go a few minutes later. Oliver and I headed down to the sorority house a few blocks from here.

We could hear the music from the next street down. I didn’t give a shit about it, I only listening to rock. I didn’t like rap music or pop shit. The door was already open when we got there, so we just walked in. “Drinks are in the kitchen, go and get yourself laid, there are loads of willing pussy who would be down for a fuck.” Oliver said, walking away and leaving me to stand there looking like a right pussy. I headed for the kitchen first to get a drink. That was when I spotted him. Riley. Dancing close to a girl who was not Julia. I kept watching them for a few minutes. As much as I hated him, dancing with another girl wasn’t cheating. She pulled his head down and whispered something in his ear. He grinned, looked around to see if anyone was watching- how the fucker didn’t see me, I’ll never know. Satisfied that he was safe, he leant forward and kissed the other girl. They kissed for a few minutes, I say kissed, it looked like they were trying to fucking eat each other. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a picture. Riley and the girl then pulled away from each other. He took one last look around and then took her hand and pulled her away to the stairs. I didn’t need to follow them to know what he was up to. I took one last picture and left the party. I debated on whether or not to send the picture to Julia. On one hand, she needed to know what a cheating fuck her boyfriend was. On the other hand, I had been solidly put in the friend zone only a few hours before. I thought it would look like I had been following him and set it up. Then an idea formed in my head. Emmy. I could send the picture to her and tell her not to tell Julia who had sent it. That would work. I sent them both off to Emmy before I had the chance to second guess myself again. Now I just had to be the best friend she had ever had. I would be there for her after the break-up. I would get the girl in the end.

***Authors note***

So he did cheat and now he has been caught! Finally! Read on to find out what Julia will do about it… Spoiler alert… it’s a gooden!!!

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