Chapter 7- Ryan

Chapter 7


We had been hanging out for a few weeks. I was trying my best to be a good friend, but fuck if I didn’t want her. Julia and Emmy had been hanging round the coffee shop as often as they could without missing classes or falling behind. I started going round to their place a lot more often too. I was getting closer to her; I could feel her eyes on me sometimes whenever she thought I wasn’t watching, I always found an excuse to tough her, leaving my fingers lingering on her body, it always made her shiver. I love that I was having the same effect on her that she had on me. I hadn’t ever wanted a girl like I wanted her. Every day we spent together, we got closer. I wanted her so much. Even Emmy could see what we were doing. She called it ‘our sex face’. Not very original but fuck it. I am a big fucking soppy fucker, but what the hell? I’m falling for her. Big time.

We were watching a movie at theirs one night when Emmy’s cell phone went off. “There’s a party going on tonight, we’ve been invited. Fancy it?” I looked at Julia to see what she wanted to do; she was nodding eagerly. Looks like we were going! Julia had enjoyed going to parties more now, she had come out of her shell since I started hanging out with them. The girls went to get ready and I stayed, I wasn’t fucking bothered about changing. The only girl who I was trying to get was with me.

An hour later- Julia came out. All the fucking air disappeared from the room. Fuck. Me. She was wearing a skirt, a top thing that tied around her neck and a pair of heels. She looked a little slutty but classy at the same time. Fucking hell. How the fuck was I supposed to keep her close and keep all the other fuckers away from her. “No.” I said sternly. “No?” She asked, confused. “You’re not fucking wearing that.” “I am.” She argued back. “Wrong again sweetheart. Now go and get your gorgeous ass back in your room and put on some jeans.” She stood there, aping her foot, a look of frustration on her face. “I want to wear this.” She argued again. “No. Now if you don’t walk into your room now to get changed, I will pick you up and carry you in there and undress you myself. What’s it gonna be sweetheart?” “Stubborn asshole” I heard her mutter as she turned on her heel and stomped back in her room. Yes, I am an asshole, I know, but I can’t be platonic if she’s wearing that. I walked up to her, stopping her from storming off. I didn’t want her to be pissed at me like that. I held her hand, turning her around so she was facing me. I lifted her chin so she was looking at me “If you don’t get changed beautiful, I can’t promise I will be keeping my hands to myself. Now get that pouty look off your face before I kiss it off.”

We stood frozen for fuck knows how long until Emmy returned. “Sorry… I didn’t mean to interrupt…” she backed away and broke whatever spell was over us. Julia jumped back quickly, losing her balance because of her stupid fucking heels, and falling. I grabbed her quick before she could hit the floor. It was too late though. I tried spinning her around, doing some sort of fucking Matrix style move, and managing to fall first, her on top of me. We stayed like that, her lying on top of me, I could feel her heart beating. Come on, look up, look at me baby, I begged her in my head. Look up so I can kiss you. She didn’t. She rolled off me instead, full of apologies. “Oh my God I’m so sorry! Are you ok? Did I hurt you?” she asked, “I’m fine baby” I answered, dragging myself up off the floor. Embarrassed, she turned and walked away quick and entered her bedroom. Emmy was pissing herself laughing on the other side of the room. “Not fucking helpful Em.” I hissed. She smirked, “maybe not but it was fucking funny.” She laughed, walking away.

Five minutes later, Julia came back out (wearing jeans) and we were ready to leave. We walked the few blocks and arrived at the party full swing. Music blaring, finally some decent music too I noted. We walked in and some preppy girl was there waiting to greet us. “Hey! Drinks are in the kitchen!” She sang. She was already wasted, I followed the girls in, and they headed straight for the kitchen. A girl was lying half naked on the table and some guy was doing body shots off her. “That looks fun!” Julia said. I turned too quickly to face her, my horrified expression obviously showing. “Too easy.” She teased, giggling as she walked away. This girl, I laughed to myself as I followed.

The night basically carried on like that. Emmy and Julia drinking a lot, me staying sober so I could look after them and make sure no other bastards were coming on to them. Well, I didn’t care if they wanted to hook up with Emmy. As long as they kept their hands-off Julia. She was mine. Julia was dancing in the middle of the room; I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her eyes were closed, she was just swaying, like she could feel the music flowing through her. She looked peaceful. I felt my control slip as I walked toward her. As I got to her, some other fucking punk jumped in front to dance with her. He grabbed her waist, pulling her toward him. I don’t fucking think so mate. “No. Move.” I hissed in his ear. His eyes widened when he saw my face. “Yep, sorry dude, didn’t realize she was taken.” And he wondered off. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me. She opened her eyes and when she saw it was me, the biggest fucking smile I had ever seen was plastered on her face. She hadn’t looked more beautiful to me, even though she was close to being hammered. “Hey!” She shouted. “Hey back” I whispered in her ear. I saw the goosebumps rising on her arms. I was glad I affected her as much as she affected me. “Come on, let’s get you a water.” I said, picking her up and carrying her out to the kitchen. She giggled as she was being carried. I put her down when we got to the kitchen, she laughed and pulled me closer to her. It happened so fucking quickly. Next minute her lips were on mine and she was kissing me. I kissed her back for a second before I realized what was happening. I pulled back. “Not like this.” I tried to explain, but the damage had been done. Her face reddened as the shame and embarrassment sank in. She turned around and ran out the door. Fuck.

I followed her out the door quickly. For someone who had loads to drink, and wearing fucking heels, she was fast. I was sober and wearing sneakers, so I easily caught up to her. “Stop!” I called. “No leave me alone Ryan.” She was crying, I could hear it in her voice. “No, let me explain damn it!” She stopped in the middle of the road and turned around. “What do you want to explain? You’ve spent months trying to get me, always finding a reason to touch me, hold me, stroking my arm. Now I fucking throw myself at you and you say no! YOU. SAID. NO!!!!” She cried again, stabbing her finger into my chest, to emphasize every word. As she went to spin around, I grabbed her by her hand and pulled her back to face me. “Don’t fucking do that Julia. You know exactly how I feel about you. I only pulled away because I didn’t want you to regret kissing me tomorrow morning!” I shouted back to her. “You think I would regret kissing you??? I’ve been wanting to kiss you for months! I had to get drunk just to have the fucking courage to do it!” She shouted. I was silent. She wanted me. “You’ve been wanting to kiss me?” I asked, staring at her in shock. “Yes, you idiot!” She snapped. She pulled her arm away and was trying to escape again. “Fucking stop trying to fight me and get away! Fucking hell Julia! You fucking choose your moments!” I needed to know she wanted this, wanted me. I wasn’t going to kiss her until I knew. “Julia, listen to me. I need to know how you feel about me, sober; not drunk. I know how I feel about you and I don’t, no, I can’t kiss you for you to wake up tomorrow regretting it. I won’t regret what’s happened between us baby, I have been wanting it since the day you walked into the coffee shop, I need to know you won’t either. I love you Julia, I’m in love with you.”

***Authors note***

Finally!!!! Will she finally admit her feelings for Ryan or will she carry on pretending she isn’t interested?

Find out next!


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Michele Holland
Well what a bomb to drop. He just very real so fast. He's expressing his love to a drunk girl, who was mustering up the nerve to kiss him. Ryan you are to deep right now.
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Donnie Barrett
27 coin to read next chaper give me a fucken break what a rip off
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Leslie Dean
Aww that is so sweet!! They are both head over heals. ūüíěūü•į

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