Chapter 11- Ryan

Chapter 11


I hadn’t been able to concentrate all day. My shift started 40 minutes after my last class. I couldn’t be late, so I couldn’t stop by Julia’s first. I walked in to see Grey flirting whilst serving a couple of girls. “Knock it off dude. They’re not interested.” I laughed. “Hey Ryan! What’s up man?” He came off and pulled me in for a bear hug. “Help me!” He begged under his breath. I laughed out loud as he turned round to give his full attention to the girls at the counter. “Nah man, sorry, I’m out the game for a while. He stopped, turning back to me with a quizzical look on his face. “What?” he asked, slowly. “Don’t worry, get back to your girls.” I answered, nodding in their direction. “I’m gonna go and check in with the boss.” I said, leaving him alone. “Alright man, we’ll talk

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Debbe Phillips
that's so f'd
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Tammy Evans Moore
Riley is a punk and deserved to be beaten!! Hopefully someone will help Ryan!!
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Astrid Wendt-Seiger
Riley is a punk

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