Chapter 31- Buzz

Chapter 31


I got up out of the chair, pulling my cell phone from my back pocket, as I headed to my room. Even though I had moved out and into a new house with Julia, we still had a bedroom here. I unlocked my door and walked in, it smelt like a dead fucking body in here. My face twisted in disgust. Julia would have kicked my ass if she walked in. The bedroom wasn’t messy, but something had been left in here to make that nasty ass stench. I quickly found the source, and old cup of mouldy coffee on the unit next to my bed. I carefully picked it up, not wanting to disturb it anymore and took it downstairs. I headed for the trash cans outside and threw the cup in. I wasn’t even wanting to pour it out first, I was almost fucking green by the time I walked back in.

I headed back into my bedroom, the faint waft still lingering in the air. I opened a window and sprayed a shit load of aftershave around

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Debbie Carslake
I hate the word count unless it's to discover an asshole
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Leslie Dean
Now the fun begins! ūüíěūü•į

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