Chapter 32- Julia

Chapter 32


It was over. Almost anyway. The bastards who had broken into our home had been caught, and I had no doubt that they would pay. Ryan had been so pissed these last few weeks, he was so wary of everything. I always had an escort, wherever I went. Most of the time it was Ryan himself, but some days, he had work to do, so he would send one of his brothers to come. I had my own car still, the gift from James, so they would meet me and drive behind me until I was home, safe. I loved how much he cared about my safety, it proved how much he really did love me.

I had been elated when he asked me to be his old lady. I kinda thought I already was, but apparently it had to be made official. I was hoping that this would still go ahead, seeing as they caught the ones who had broken into our home. After Ryan managed to detain the last guy, he handed him to Ink who threw him in a truck. He ran over to me and ki

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Melissa Wilson
I'm sooo happy for them!
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I’m surprised this came first. It’s like we jumped over the guys in the basement needing a tuning
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Leslie Dean
It's about time! 😊 They will be great together! 💞🥰

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