Chapter 36- Buzz

Chapter 36


My intel had paid off. At 9am, the following morning, Tom Jackson left his little apartment on a quiet street in Queens, for his routine chiropractor’s appointment. We had called Holgate to let him know we almost had him, and then we would be on our way home. We had decided to rent a van and drive back to North Carolina. It will take around 8 hours with good traffic to get us back home. Then Julia and I would take a few days off to drive it back and then we can go wedding shopping in New York. She would love that.

I was driving the van. I needed to stay out of sight or Jackson would know what was going on. Tank and Rider were going to get him on the street, Creek would be inside the van with Gears, waiting to open the doors to get him in, and then I would drive off. We sat outside the apartment block at 8:55 on the Tuesday morning.

Finally, at 8:59, Jackson left the building. He looked up and down th

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Leslie Dean
So happy for tank. ūüíěūü•į

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