Epilogue- Julia



It had finally arrived…. My wedding day.

After we learned of my shocking pregnancy, we had decided to move the wedding up to February. Even if I was showing by then, the dress would be able to be let out a bit. Bella had her baby the day after I found out I was pregnant. A beautiful baby boy called Samuel James Warner. They named him James after my brother.

We decided to wait a few months before we told anyone that I was pregnant. It was too risky, especially after the awful morning sickness I had been suffering with. We just wanted to make sure the baby was fine before we told everyone. We told people that we were moving up the wedding because of problems with a supplier, and luckily, they believed us. Nobody commented on me not drinking, because I didn’t drink a lot anyway. We should be able to keep our secret for a little bit longer.

I had set my alarm nice and early in the morning, n

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Margaret Creamer
Thank you. I was never going to read another book on this site and wouldn’t you know it-saw the teaser for yours & suddenly goodbye werewolf’s-HELLLO, motorcycle club. I have a new genre and new author. Good riddance to Jessicahall.
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Lynn Rowland
awesome story. hope to see more like this one.
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Debbie Proffer
I think we need rider and greasertstories
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