Cassidy's POV

I shifted on the bed as I continued to sit between Starr and Jason, my eyes trained on the television which-

"Baby," I heard Starr call out softly, her voice dividing my attention as I turned to face her.

My gaze immediately landed on the spoonful of ice cream she was offering to my awaiting sense of taste as I opened my mouth slightly taking it in, enjoying the sweet and creamy flavour especially since Jason had eaten the majority of mine.

Her emerald green eyes met mine as I released the spoon allowing the ice cream to melt against my tongue, a small smile travelling to my lips voicing my newly acquired sense of amusement.

"Stop," I mumbled knowing where her mind had drifted as I returned my gaze to the movie I was currently engulfed in.

"Stop what?" she questioned softly.

"What you're doing," I murmured keeping my tone low not wanting to interrupt Jason, who was busy watching-

"What am I doing?

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