Author: Honesty577


Starr's POV

"Where are you going?" I asked opening my eyes to be greeted by the sight of her getting ready to exit the bed.

"To get ready,"

"We don't have work today, Jason is at a meeting and the kids are at my parents, so come back to bed, " I ordered holding the edge of her hair wrapping it around my hand, and she laid back knowing I wouldn't hesitate to pull it, if she didn't comply.

"You're so aggressive," she mumbled as I removed my hand from her hair placing it on her waist pulling her closer, as I appreciated her naked body.

"I know," I replied softly and she smiled pulling the sheets over her body.

"I wanna see," I whined pulling the covers off her and she laughed slightly burying her face in my chest.

"Do you want breakfast?" She mumbled against my skin.

"Later," I replied closing my eyes enjoying her against me, knowing that once the kids were back we won't be able to do this.

"I can feel your belly growling," she mumbled amused earning a small laugh from me.

"I didn't say I wasn't hungry, I'm just not ready to move, I like being in your arms like this," I mumbled and I felt her pull away slightly resulting in my eyes opening.

"What?" I asked amused looking at her pleased smile.

"Nothing, I just love you," she replied softly leaning over slowly attaching our lips. I kissed her back softly appreciating the moment, my hands running over her skin.

I gripped her waist trying to push her back but she remained firm.

"Stop," I spoke into the kiss amused as I bit her lip slightly and she whimpered pushing me to lay flat moving over to straddle me.

"And I'm the aggressive one," I joked and she laughed slightly relocating our lips, grinding against me her hands on either side of my head.

She broke the kiss releasing a moan, her face hovering over mine as her brown eyes continued to hold my gaze captive.

A surge of pleasure rushed to my core, and bit my lip fighting back  moan gripping into her waist meeting her movements.

"It's only us," she whispered amused referring to me suppressing my moans as she rested her forehead against mine. I smiled releasing my button lip not used to the house with no kids.

I lifted one of my hands removing her brown hair placing it behind her, not liking the way it covered her nipples.

She pulled away slightly switching positions moving to scissor me. I gripped her thigh as she began moving our moans mixing together as the building in my core increase.

"Lift your hips," she moaned out biting my knee and I did as told loving the way her back arched, her moans began spilling out closer together clueing me into how close she was.

She reached over gripping my breast as she broke apart my name falling off her tongue.

"Don't stop," I begged knowing I was close and I watched as she continued her pace her body still shaking slightly the sight pulling at my self control.

"Shit," I cursed feeling the building in my core increasing. Ringing echoed around the room and I watched as she paused.

"Ignore it," I groaned frustrated moving beneath her.

"It could be your mom," she reasoned and I whimpered as she moved off me reaching for the phone answering it. I looked over to her watching as she laid on her back letting me know that it was my mother.

"Tell her to call back," I whispered turning on my side my entire body in need of her.

She shot me an amused look motioning for me to give her a minute and I sighed laying on my back as I reached over grabbing her unoccupied hand placing it between my legs and she smiled entering two fingers into me.

"Be quiet," she mouthed and I nodded as she began thrusting them in and out of me pressing against my front wall.

"Now?" She asked pausing her movements and I whimpered holding her hand moving it slightly.

"Okay I'll be down," she added ending the call putting away the phone.

"The kids are downstairs," she whispered removing her fingers and I closed my eyes trying to calm my frustration.

"Weren't they suppose to be back Sunday?" I asked and she smiled pecking my lips.

"Your mom has a meeting she needs to attend, since your dad is sick, " she explained as my eyes met the mirror above our bed looking at our reflection.




Cassidy's POV

I stood there fully clothed watching as she pulled on her top, her emerald green eyes meeting mine, frustration radiating off her.

"Stop looking at me like that," I said smiling shyly and she moved over to me.

"How?" She asked playing dumb as she raised her hand pushing back my hair.

"Like you want to make love to me,"

"Can you please just say fuck?" She asked amused.

"No," I replied pulling out of her hold not really liking the word.

"Can I atleast get a kiss? " She whined from behind me and I smiled leading her out of the room. We made our way downstairs to be greeted by the sight of them as well as Starr's mother.

"I'm sorry about this," Her mother announced immediately and I flashed her a reassuring smile before looking away going over to our kids.

I kneeled down and they immediately pulled me into a hug, Jordan's hug lasting longer than Trinity and his twin sister Eclipse since he was my big baby.

"Why don't you guys go freshen up and I'll make something for you to eat," I offered kissing Jordan's cheek as Trinity picked up her backpack that was filled with clothes.

"Can we get sandwiches?" Trinity asked and the twins nodded in agreement.

"I'll make sandwiches," I replied loving the smiles on their faces as they made their way upstairs. 

"I'm sorry about this, I'll try to clear my schedule for next week," Diana said to Starr.

"Goodbye sweetheart," she added kissing my cheek leaving the house as I made my way to the kitchen not missing Starr's gaze on me.




Starr's POV

"Can I get something to eat too?" I asked as she began placing the cheese on the sandwiches.

"What do you want?"

"I wanna eat your pussy, "

"Starr," she scolded amused

"Cassi, " I mocked and she laughed fixing the ham before adding the other slice of bread.

"Isn't parenthood suppose to create a huge change in a person's life? " She asked smiling.

"I watch my language around the kids," I clarified amused and she laughed slightly motioning for me to hand her a knife and I did watching as she sliced the sandwiches into two, my entire body still on edge.

"Mom, Jordan broke my charger," Eclipse complained

"It was an accident," Jordan explained

"I wasn't there," Trinity announced moving into the Livingroom, that was connected to our kitchen.

"Use my charger it's on the coffee table," I replied and they rushed off behind their older sister.

"How is it that Trinity came from me but is more like you personality wise?" Cassi asked but it sounded more like a statement.

"Mommy can we get apple juice?" Jordan asked and she nodded, most of his features came from Jason, his eyes matching my emerald green ones the black hair was the debatable but his facial structure was all his father, Eclipse was the same while Trinity was the perfect mixture between Jason and Cassi, taking Cassi's brown hair and Jason's blue eyes.

"I'll get it," I told her going into the refrigerator filling three cups, before returning the box of apple juice to it's resting place.

"Cassi," I called out softly as I moved back over to her, and she laughed slightly shaking her head.

"Do you see the kids?" She whispered and I smiled leaning forward pecking her lips.

"Mom can I watch TV?" Jordan asked from the couch.

"Mom, he can't watch it mommy and I are going to watch our show," Trinity added before I could respond and I turned to face Cassi blocking out their bickering.

"Upstairs or do-" I began asking Cassi softly.

"I'll take upstairs, you take down" she replied.

"Trinity we're going upstairs," she announced ending their back forth.








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