Chapter 3

Aria’s POV

The last week and a half, I have been getting this strange feeling that I am being watched. Would Alpha David be sending someone to watch me? I wonder what he is planning. I know the Rogue attacks were getting out of hand and that he had to ask the Blood Moon Pack’s Alpha for help. They have been along the borders. I have run into a few of them in the last week. Their auras are very dominating. I thought our Pack was sinister, but theirs is on an entirely different level. They even make me want to retreat, and that’s saying something because not even Alpha David can make me submit with me being a Hybrid. The only reason I do is because I know I can’t beat him. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I had human blood how much stronger I would be than my Pack. I know that’s the only reason Hybrids are hunted down because we would be the dominant species, but there are so few of us that we don’t stand a chance against a werewolf Pack. Therefore, I will always have to remain hidden and do as David says, because if he leaks what I am out, I will be hunted down like the rest of the Hybrids that have stepped foot into the city. I also know if I drink blood, they will realise straight away that I’m not just a wolf, and I really don’t feel like being attacked by my own Pack. Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t realise someone had come into the diner until they grabbed my elbow as I was walking past to clean some tables.

Placing my hand over my heart and jumping back, I looked at the customer.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you. You nearly gave me a heart attack,” I said nervously. The diner was extremely quiet today. The man just stared at me; he was quite handsome. He had shoulder-length hair that was pulled into a ponytail at the back of his neck. He was very lean and muscular, and he had green eyes and tanned skin. He was wearing a grey suit, so he looked like he just stepped out of an important meeting.

“That’s fine Hun, I was wondering if I could get some menus.”

“Sure,” I replied, going back to the counter and retrieving one. I passed it to him and waited for him to order. I could tell he was a werewolf by the way he carried himself, plus his scent was a dead giveaway. I wonder what Pack he is from.

“For now, I will just get two coffees black, no sugar please,” he said politely.

I quickly ducked to the kitchen, putting the coffee on. I glanced over to him, which was a mistake as he was staring directly at me, watching what I was doing. Marcus came over standing behind me, “Order?” he asked.

I shook my head, turning to him.

“He hasn’t ordered yet; I think he is waiting for someone,” I said, grabbing two mugs and the jug, walking back over to the booth he is sitting at. I placed the mugs down before pouring the steaming hot coffee in the mugs. As I was about to leave, he stopped me, grabbing my elbow again. I looked down at him.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“A... Aria,” I stuttered. He was starting to make me uncomfortable. I looked back towards the kitchen where Marcus was watching in case this bloke turned all creep on me.

“Nice to meet you, Aria. My name is Zane,” he said, smiling at me. He had perfectly straight pearly white teeth. Looking down at his hand that still had hold of my elbow, I could feel my face getting hot. I quickly moved out of his reach, stepping back only to turn and walk straight into what felt like a brick wall. But it wasn’t, it was another man. He was about 6.5 feet tall, had short dark hair, and I could feel his abs through his shirt when I walked into him. I looked up to apologise when his scent hit me. He smelt amazing, he had an earthy aroma like rosewood and sandalwood. I leaned in and inhaled without realising, when I heard someone clear their throat awkwardly. My eyes snapped open, and I stepped back quickly, apologising before taking off back towards the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, I tried to calm my racing heart by taking deep breaths. “What’s wrong with me?” I asked myself, not realising I said it out loud.

“Nothing is wrong with you. If I had to go serve those two hotties, I would be hyperventilating too. Damn girl, they are fine,” said Marcus, coming up behind me.

Straightening out my apron, I followed him back towards the kitchen, stealing glances towards where they sat at the back of the café. I was secretly hoping Zoe would be back from her doctor appointment before I had to serve them.

A few minutes passed before they waved me over. I cautiously walked over making sure to stay a few feet away so I wouldn’t get distracted by his intoxicating scent.

“What can I get you?” I asked, not looking at either one of them.

“What Pack do you belong to? I can tell you’re a wolf, but you smell different from any normal wolf,” asked the new mystery person.

Instead of answering, I just repeated the same question. “What can I get you?” My tone sounded bored.

The man smirked before reaching forward and grabbing my hand. As soon as he touched me, sparks flew through my hand and arm, leaving a tingling sensation. I quickly pulled my hand back as if I had just been burned. Taking a step back, I looked at him. His eyes turned pitch black, even the sclerae. It only lasted a few seconds before going back to their normal silver-grey colour. He smiled at me; I couldn’t bring myself to look away, completely mesmerised by his gaze.

“I’m Reid, Alpha of The Blood Moon Pack. What Pack do you belong to?” he asked, using his Alpha voice.

My heart rate sped up fear consuming me. His Pack was the Pack helping ours, and he had an even scarier reputation then Alpha David. He was known for being cruel and merciless to those that have stood against him. Alpha Reid was also said to have wiped out complete Packs when they wouldn’t agree over territory disputes, but he was also an Alpha no other Alpha could go against. He had the largest Pack with over 500 Pack members, 95 percent of them being Pack warriors. Their Pack has been undefeated, and even if other Packs tried to stand against theirs, it would be a bloodbath. He is also the one responsible for killing off all the Hybrids. He made me want to run away or submit, which no Alphas have that effect on me.

“Ari, you got to go get Lily,” Marcus sang out from behind the counter, distracting me and also saving me from submitting and answering him. I looked in his direction relieved, thanking the Moon Goddess for my escape. I quickly ripped off my apron, chucking it at Marcus, not daring to look behind me as I ran out the door to get Lily from school.

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Priscilla Gyebi
both alpha's are asshole
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If she is part wolf, why didn’t her wolf recognize him? Maybe she’s not old enough…..
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Both Alpha’s seem to be really assholes I feel really sorry for both the sisters

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