Chapter 53

Reid’s POV

We all finally came to, I could feel my Pack members waking, I lifted my head in search of Zane. Only to realise I wasn’t in the industrial area anymore but a bunker. I rolled to my side, my eyes landing on Abel, Aria’s father. Zoe and he were going over something on the steel table across from me. I sat up, dropping my feet over the edge of the couch I was placed on.

“You're awake about fucking time. Now get up and help me find my daughter.” Abel spoke, I could hear the venom in his words, and I jumped up growling. Abel turned to me his anger clearly on display not even trying to hide what he is, his eyes burning brightly, reflecting oddly under the lights. 

“Maybe you can answer that, they should have taken you, not my mate!” I screamed, grabbing a hold of his shirt and flinging him back into the table. Zoe raced to

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I’m so sad that so many people died
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Seriously again!!! 29 coins for 12 pages. There are so many errors in the book and parts are repetitive. It’s also not the same quality as a real published author. Come on!!
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Moe Diggity
Seriously this book is amazing. It made me cry, which is hard to do. I am frustrated with how brutal life is for Aria, but atleast it’s realistic. This chapter was great. So in love with reading right now because of this book!

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