Chapter 54

Aria’s POV

Wendy looked up at the noise that ripped from Christine. Christine climbed to her feet, having not noticed Wendy’s crumpled form lying beside her, her eye’s only on her prey. That prey was Amber, her own daughter. I struggled with my restraints, my hand slipping out from the wrist cuff, leaving only my elbow now stuck in the second cuff along that arm. 

David, noticing the crazed look, started calling out to her, fighting to release himself, anything to distract her from hunting her own defenceless daughter, who was unconscious and unaware of the danger she was in, from her own mother. Wendy grabbed Christine’s leg, but her bloodlust had completely taken over her. She didn’t even look down at the tug on her leg, her eyes solely focused on that of her daughter.

“Wendy, you have to stop her, I can’t get free.” I screamed

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Comments (4)
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Mary McMahon
This is heartbreaking
goodnovel comment avatar
This doesn’t even feel like the same writer to her previous books.
goodnovel comment avatar
Anna Dancy
Is anyone else struggling to get through this is just dragging so badly

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